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    29 Things Under $50 From Amazon Canada That You'll Probably Want To Gift To Yourself

    TBH, they're already in my cart.

    1. A pack of hair ties that you can actually count on. The corded design will keep your hair from snagging and breaking, and they won’t snap while you try to tie your hair up like regular hair ties do.

    A person with their long hair in a ponytail using coiled hair ties

    2. A roll of peel-and-stick wallpaper that'll look like real tiles on your kitchen backsplash. Or you can use it to update your countertops, furniture, and other decor items on the cheap. The self-adhesive will stick without ruining the integrity of the surface it's covering.

    A tea cup sitting on a wooden tray with a wallpapered backing

    3. A pack of reusable food wraps that'll render your plastic wrap and aluminum foil obsolete. They can easily be moulded with the heat of your hands and are perfect for small food items like cheese, fruit, and sandwiches.

    4. A rich gel moisturizer from Marcelle that'll give your thirsty skin the hydration it needs. It’s packed with spirulina and Canadian glacier water and the formula is fragrance free, making it a great moisturizer for all skin types.

    An open jar on a table with creamy moisturizer inside

    5. A set of dividers that'll add order to your messy drawers by creating multiple sections for different clothing items and accessories. They're adjustable, so they'll fit almost any drawer in your house.

    6. A pack of succulent stickers that'll make life ~succ~ a little less. They'll add colour and personality to your laptop, phone case, or water bottle, and they're waterproof, so they won't fade or fall off if they get a little wet.

    7. A tube of hand cream by Cake Beauty that'll keep your skin from drying out like the Sahara Desert. It's made with shea butter, aloe vera, coconut oil, and green tea extract to soften, protect, and moisturize your dry hands. It'll absorb quickly and leave behind a mouthwatering scent of buttercream frosting.

    A tube of hand cream lying in a pool of tub of cream

    8. A microwavable bowl that you can cook AND eat ramen in, which means you'll never have to clean an extra pot. It comes with a phone mount, so you can enjoy dinner and show anywhere in your house.

    A person eat out of a large bowl  of ramen with a phone attached to the side

    9. An illustrated novel that reimagines the fan-favourite film Mean Girls as a Shakespearean play. It's even written in iambic pentameter and features the most dramatic asides from all your favourite characters. There's nothing better than curling up with a good book, and this novel is sure to be so fetch!

    10. A salad dressing bottle, if you're someone who really likes making homemade sauces and marinades. It has measurements on the side, a leakproof lid, and a spout, so you can make, shake, and drizzle the perfect amount of tasty dressing over your greens.

    A bottle of salad dressing a fridge shelf with bell peppers, lettuce, and lemons

    11. A bottle of body wash that'll add moisture to your skin, instead of stripping it away. It's an oil, but it will start foaming when water is applied, making it a great cleanser and a shaving cream, too.

    A person squirting oil into their hand

    12. A pair of cheat sheet magnets, so you can use your pressure cooker like a pro. It'll tell you how long to cook pasta and meat, and how much liquid to put in the pot with your grains and veggies.

    An Instant pot with a large magnet on the side

    13. A pack of gilded eye masks that'll give your under-eyes a little TLC. They're packed with powerhouse ingredients like vitamin C, rose oil, and hyaluronic acid that’ll help reduce fine lines, dark circles, and puffiness in 15 minutes.

    14. A pair of Vibes ear plugs that'll reduce loud and distracting noises around you, without completely cancelling them out. The plugs are white, but the stems are clear, so they're virtually invisible.

    A person wearing tiny ear plugs in their ears

    15. A bottle of Better Life all-purpose cleaner that'll make any surface stain a thing of the past. You can use it on everything from floors and countertops to toilets and sporting equipment. And the formula is non-toxic, so it’s safe to use on your kid’s toys, too.

    A person spraying the window ledge and baseboards with an all purpose cleaning solution

    16. A pack of magnets shaped like little cat butts that'll hold your cute candids and important documents in place. Reviewers say that they're small, but the magnets are surprisingly strong.

    A cat-shaped magnet holding up a sheet of paper on a fridge door

    17. A tin of lip balm that'll give your pout an extra boost of hydration. It'll help repair cracked and flaking skin, and reviewers love that the texture isn't as thick as regular Vaseline.

    A pile of lip balm tins in a circle

    18. A silicone pet-feeding mat that'll distract your doggo and make it a lot easier to bathe and groom them. It has a bumpy texture, so it'll take your fur baby longer to finish their snack.

    A dog licking peanut butter off a small silicone mat that stuck to a bathroom wall

    19. An exfoliating scrub by Head & Shoulders that'll help you get rid of all the dead skin and grime building up on your scalp. It's loaded with vitamin E and argan oil to help hydrate your scalp and hair, making it a great product for anyone with super-dry hair.

    A person holding two small tubes of scalp scrub

    20. A tiny can opener with a twistable top that can cut through any tin container with only a flick of the wrist. Unlike a regular can opener, it has a press release button on the side that'll help it latch onto the can, so you won't have to maintain the same pressure with each turn.

    A person using the can opener on a small can

    21. A pack of braided lightning cords that can actually go the distance. They range from three to ten feet long and are made of extra-durable nylon fibre, so they won't bend and shred like other phone cables.

    A charging cord plugged into a phone and into a laptop

    22. A reusable glass coffee cup that is both small and durable. It's made of sturdy borosilicate glass, so you can store it in your bag for future caffeine cravings without worrying about it shattering.

    A glass coffee mug on a small table

    23. A pack of gel pens with adorable cat faces on the lids. They have an ultra-fine tip and write like an absolute dream. Plus, the ink dries quickly, so it won't smudge or bleed on your paper.

    A small glass jar with five pens inside it The pens have little cat faces on the lids

    24. A woven crossbody bag that'll be a staple in your summer wardrobe. It's made with natural rattan fibres and has a unique circular shape that is sure to turn heads. It's spacious enough to hold all your essentials and will complement any outfit you're planning to wear.

    25. A pack of tiny plastic bags that’ll make it super easy to make your own homemade freezies. They open and close like regular freezer bags, so all you have to do is fill, seal, and freeze them.

    26. A tube of long-lasting eyebrow tint that’ll leave your brows looking full and fluffy for up to three days, so you won't have to fill them in every morning. It applies like a gel and is super satisfying to peel off.

    27. A tube squeezer that'll make it easier to get the last bit of product from your toothpaste and other beauty products. It also doubles as a holder, so you won't have to reattach it every time.

    28. A cute Snorlax-themed carrying case that'll protect your Nintendo Switch from getting damaged while it's in your bag. It has one large compartment for your console, along with four small pockets in the front where you can store your games.

    29. And finally, a pair of furry slides that are basically the love child of your comfiest slippers and practical summer sandals. They'll surround your tootsies in softness, and they have grippy rubber soles that’ll save you from sliding on your hardwood floors.

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