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    23 Products From Amazon Canada That’ll Clean And Tidy Your Car Once And For All

    New whip, who dis?

    1. A huge washing mitt that'll cover more surface space, so you can clean your car faster. It's made of a soft, but durable microfibre material, meaning you can throw it in the wash and reuse it over and over again.

    A person wearing a large fluffy wet mitt to wash their car

    2. A bottle of tire cleaner that'll make your wheels shine bright like a diamond. The conditioning agents will help keep the colour of your tires from fading and help protect them from cracking.

    A car tire half covered in cleaning foam with two bottles of cleansing solution in front of it

    3. A little garbage bin that'll keep your trash out of sight. It'll look way better than the plastic bags you normally use, and it has a waterproof lining that'll keep the last dregs of your coffee from leaking through.

    Four pictures showing a small fabric trash can hanging from a car console, a headrest, a gear stick and a glove box

    4. A can of carpet cleaner that'll give your car rugs the deep clean they desperately need. It’ll wash away mud, dirt, and salt, and it even has a brush on the lid for when you need to tackle particularly stubborn stains.

    A person spraying carpet cleaner onto the carpets

    5. Or a large brush, if you want to clean up the rest of the upholstery in your car. This one has soft bristles that'll gently clean your leather seats, but there's also a brush with stiffer bristles for carpet and other fabrics.

    A person using a brush on their car seats

    6. A pair of tiny, but sturdy hooks that'll give you a place to hang your bag, so you won't have to leave it on another seat or the floor.

    A purse hanging from a hook that's attached to a car head rest

    7. A seat gap filler that'll save you from losing small items (like your phone) between your seat and the console. It has a tiny opening at one end for your seat belt buckle, and it fits so seamlessly, you won't even notice it's there.

    A long fabric block placed between a car seat and the console with fries, coins, and a phone on top of it

    8. A pack of air purifying bags that you can use for up to two years to keep your car smelling fresh. They're made with activated charcoal to remove bad odours from your car instead of masking them.

    An air purifying bag sitting on a back car seat

    9. A pair of front seat covers that'll protect your upholstery (if it's brand new) or hide all the stains or damage (if they're not). They'll fit a variety of car models and come in a ton of colours, so you can match them to the shade of your ride.

    The front seats of a car with covers on them

    10. A pair of pet hair-removing brushes for anyone who regularly lets their doggo ride shotgun. The little silicone bristles will pick up all the loose pet hair covering your seats, and they're super easy to clean when you're finished.

    11. A set of removable coasters that'll protect your cup holders from getting too dirty. They're a bit deeper than regular coasters, so they'll catch crumbs and liquid if you make a mess.

    A car console with removable coasters in the cup holders

    12. A leather cleaning kit that'll keep your seats looking and feeling their best. The set includes a cleaning solution that'll remove dirt and grime without staining the leather and a conditioner that'll make your seats supple and shiny.

    13. A Bissell handheld vacuum that'll get every last crumb off your seats and floor. It comes with three attachments, including a long tube and a thin nozzle to get the hard-to-reach spots.

    A person cleaning their car with a small vacuum cleaner

    14. A phone mount that has a magnetized surface instead of clamps or cradles to keep your phone from falling. Its face can be rotated in any direction, so you can easily adjust or turn the mount to the perfect position.

    A person placing their phone a circular phone mount that is sitting on their car dashboard

    15. A Swiffer duster that'll help you reach every dust bunny in your car. It's made with coated fibres that'll stick to dust and hold on for dear life.

    A person dusting their car with a feather duster

    16. Or an itty-bitty duster that'll help you remove dirt from the nooks and crannies. One side has a cloth to pick up dust and the other has a brush to dislodge crumbs.

    Four pictures of a person using the tool to clean car vents

    17. A pair of glasses holders that'll attach to your visor, so your shades are always within reach. They're large enough to fit two pairs of sunglasses and reviewers also use them to keep track of bank cards, receipts, and other small items they don't want to lose.

    18. A glass-cleaning tool with a flexible triangular head and long handle to help you reach every corner of your windshield. It comes with a microfibre pad that'll remove stains without leaving scratches or streaks on the glass.

    A person using the glass-cleaning tool on their car windshield

    19. A little dip clip, so you can dunk your chicken nuggets in your sweet and sour sauce without making a mess. It has a flexible silicone clip that'll attach to any vent and grooves along the inner edge that'll fit packets of different shapes and sizes.

    A picture of someone placing a container of BBQ sauce into a small holder attached to an air vent and another picture of someone dipping fries into the sauce

    20. A restoration kit that'll have your headlights beaming like the sun. It comes with a surface spray, a clarifying solution, and polymer coating that'll help cleanse, polish, and protect your lenses from UV damage.

    A before image of a dirty headlight and after image of it looking clean

    21. A large car organizer that'll keep all your little one's things in order. It'll also protect the back of your seat from being damaged by your kids shoes.

    22. A decal-removing tool that'll help you get rid of all the bumper stickers on you car in minutes. It's a drill attachment that's made of soft rubber, so it won't scratch your paint job.

    A before image of a car covered in decals and an after image of it without any stickers

    23. And finally, an expandable storage bag that'll help organize your trunk and all the random items you keep back there. It comes with a set of straps with hooks to secure it in the trunk or around a seat, so nothing will take a tumble when you fill it up after grocery shopping.

    A car trunk with a large fabric box filled with groceries at the edge

    You in your new and improved whip:

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