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    35 Perfectly Sassy Jessica Lange "AHS" GIFs That Will Give You Life

    Slay Queen Lange, slaaaaay.

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    1. When you have to change out of your club outfit on Sunday morning:

    2. Whenever you finish watching a horrifically sad local news story:

    3. When you're telling your friends about the new beau you're plotting to hookup with:

    4. When it's Monday and you're already thirsty for #EggPlantFriday pictures:

    5. When you're really feelin' your look:

    6. When your period comes one week early:

    FX / Via

    7. When someone's a little too clingy after a one-night stand:

    8. When the bartender gives you a free round of shots:

    9. When you realize it's actually Thursday and not Friday:

    FX / Via Netflix

    10. When your waiter forgets to bring your table a bread basket:

    11. When you start thinking about a convo you and bae had earlier and you realize shit don't add up:

    FX / Via

    12. When someone forgets to wish you a happy birthday:

    13. When the Starbucks barista doesn't spell your name correctly:

    14. When you come home from work and your boyfriend with no job is in the same place you left him:

    FX / Via

    15. When your friend won't give you their HBO Go password:

    16. When you're stuck at the DMV for three hours:

    17. When the cashier at McDonald's only gives you one sauce packet for 20 chicken nuggets:

    18. When your crush likes one of your old profile pictures on Facebook:

    19. When your professor gives you a homework assignment on the first day of class:

    20. When your college keeps annoying you with emails asking for donations:

    FX / Via

    21. When your best friend tries to upload unflattering #TBT pictures of you to Instagram:

    22. When your brother orders you six chicken wings instead of twelve for dinner:

    FX / Via

    23. When a stranger decides it's OK to slut shame:

    24. When it's taking every fiber of your being to refrain from going from 0 to 100:

    FX / Via Netflix

    25. When your neighbor asks about your plans after graduation:

    26. When your date tells you he's never seen an episode of Friends:

    27. When your significant other surprises you with a salad for dinner:

    FX / Via

    28. When you invite your muggle friend over to have a Harry Potter movie marathon:

    29. When your family forces you to go to church on Sunday:

    FX / Via

    30. When bae needs to be disciplined:

    31. When someone says Ariana Grande is a better singer than Mariah Carey:

    32. When you run into someone you went to high school with on the train:

    FX / Via Netflix

    33. When you remember you have a Snickers bar in the freezer:

    34. When you have to save your friend from some overconfident dude at a party:

    FX / Via

    35. And when you see someone who doesn't like you, so you make an effort to be especially cold:

    Keep burning 'em at the stake, Queen Lange!

    FX / Via

    "The American Horror Story: Freak Show finale airs tonight on FX at 10/9 central.

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