26 Perfect Jessica Lange “American Horror Story” GIFs For Every Situation

All hail the Queen of Shade.

1. When your mom and dad share embarrassing stories about you in front of your friends:

2. When you confront a mansplainer:

3. When the server at Chipotle doesn’t give you enough guacamole:

4. When your siblings refuse to do their chores:

5. When your Bae whispers sweet nothings in your ear:

6. When your friend tags you in an unflattering picture on Facebook:

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7. When you crash a party because you weren’t ever invited:


8. When somebody tries to be your best friend and you just met them five seconds ago:

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9. When you walk into the club with your crew:


10. When someone on Twitter uses “you’re” as “your:”

11. When someone tries to talk to you when you’re hungover:


12. When you finish binge-watching a show on Netflix:

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13. When Bae gets a little too kinky:

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14. When you see someone still wearing a matching tracksuit:

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15. When the will to live escapes you:

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16. When you unfriend someone on Facebook because their statuses are annoying:

17. When you eat carbs after being on a diet:

18. When your boss tells you to redo the assignment you’ve been working on for weeks:

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19. When your friends bring up politics at the bar:

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20. When someone steals a french fry off of your plate:

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21. When you’re paralyzed by the amount of basic people surrounding you:

22. When someone wears florals in spring:

23. When you no longer live with your parents and they try to reprimand you:

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24. When a group of people collectively laugh at your joke:

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25. When someone forces you to go out on a Friday night:

26. And when your ex tries to win you back:

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