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21 Reasons Being A Third Wheel Is Literally The Worst

Ugh, couples.

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We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the most annoying part about being a third wheel. Here are the cringeworthy results.

1. You can never make plans alone with your BFF because they always invite their significant other without asking.

Bravo / Via

Submitted by Emily Ann Sykes, Facebook

2. When at a restaurant, it's awkward when the waiter asks if you're all paying together, but the couple says: "We're together, but they're alone."

Paramount Pictures / Via

Submitted by Jacob Kluth, Facebook

3. There's nothing more uncomfortable than being stuck next to a couple who's heavily making out.

ABC / Via

Submitted by Abby Friedman, Facebook

4. You don't understand their cutesy inside jokes, so you're forced to give your most believable laugh.

MTV / Via

Submitted by Slightlycrazy06

5. You have to pretend you're asleep when your college roommate and their partner have sex in the same room.

Universal Pictures / Via

Submitted by JonMichaelPoff

6. There's never enough room when the three of you are walking down the street, so you're forced to walk behind them.

NBC / Via

Submitted by scmoskwa

7. Couples invite you to hang out and promise it won't be awkward, but they end up being extremely cutesy the entire time.

Fox / Via

Submitted by Katlyn Minard, Facebook

8. And when you try to escape the awkward hangout they act shocked, even when they've only said a few words to you.

Fox / Via

Submitted by thechosenwolf

9. It's weird when a couple excuses themselves for "just a minute," and they end up leaving you alone for a super long time.

10. Your friend and significant other constantly talk about their romantic plans and how great it is to find someone to love...

E! / Via

Submitted by KrystieYandoli

11. ...but it's honestly so hard to pretend to care about that mushy nonsense.

Fox / Via

Submitted by KrystieYandoli

12. When you thought it couldn't get any worse, your siblings invite their significant others to lunch and you become a fifth wheel.

Lionsgate / Via

Submitted by AmBujik Kee, Facebook

13. At times, you can't tell if you're actually third-wheeling or cock-blocking your friend. / Via

Submitted by Chris LeCompte, Facebook

14. They put you in an uncomfortable position when they have a huge fight in front of you.

NBC / Via

Submitted by Katlyn Minard, Facebook

15. You can't tell your best friend a secret because you know they're going to tell their significant other immediately.

16. You're forced to sit on rides at amusement parks by yourself because most of them are two-seaters.

FX / Via

Submitted by Miranda Hermanski, Facebook

17. Your friends all have baes to kiss at midnight on New Year's Eve, and you're just standing alone in the corner.

Fox / Via

Submitted by catl4c9ceeaf6

18. If you're a third wheel to your best friend and your ~sibling~, it's super weird when your BFF doesn't come over to hang out with YOU.

NBC / Via

Submitted by samikate

19. And the worst part is when the couple assumes you're not happy, just because you're single...

Walt Disney Pictures / Via

Submitted by jessicab4c20940f1

20. ...and they try setting you up with someone else so you can all double-date.

ABC / Via

Submitted by hanfordmci

21. But in reality, you actually really love being on your own, and you wouldn't sacrifice it for anything.

Netflix / Via

Submitted by SpencerAlthouse

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