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21 Signs Your Laziness Has Gotten Totally Out Of Control

To bum, or not to bum… JK, always be a bum.

We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the laziest thing they've ever done. Here are the brilliant results.

1. You've picked up objects with your feet because bending over was too much work.

2. You've texted your friends when they were sitting right next to you.

3. You've eaten yogurt with a butter knife (or no utensil at all) when all of the spoons were dirty.

4. You've bought new underwear instead of doing your laundry.

5. You've given up typing in the middle of a sentence because you didn't have the effort to finish your thought.

6. You've "cleaned your room" by shoving everything under your bed.

7. You've peed in water bottles instead of getting up to go to the bathroom.

8. You've downloaded something on your Kindle instead of searching through your house for the actual hard copy.

9. You've shaved your legs in the living room so you could watch TV.

10. You've eaten the crumbs you find on your shirt instead of dusting them off.

11. You've taught your dog how to fetch the remote control.

12. You've poured milk into the cereal box because you were out of clean bowls.

13. You've ironed your shirts with a hair straightener.

14. You've waited hours for someone else to get home so they could make you breakfast.

15. You've done your homework on the floor because your desk was too messy.

16. You've eaten cold food out of the can instead of cooking it.

17. You've invited someone over to build your Ikea furniture and then immediately sent them home.

18. You've had a mini fridge in your room so you didn't have to get up and walk to the kitchen.

19. You've waited 45 minutes for a movie to download on your computer instead of ordering it on your TV.

20. You've still not fully unpacked after moving out of college.

21. And, most importantly, you've ordered food from a restaurant that's on the first floor of your building.

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