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What Would You Do If You Had Harry Potter's Invisibility Cloak?

Transparent madness.

Having Harry Potter's invisibility cloak would be the coolest thing ever.

Warner Bros. Pictures / Via

This wondrous cloak gives people permission to do whatever they want without anyone ever seeing them.

Warner Bros. Pictures / Via

If you had the invisibility cloak, you could poke fun at your enemies and have total control over their bodies...

Warner Bros. Pictures /
Warner Bros. Pictures /

Should I drag my bully in the snow? Absolutely.

Or you could sneak onto the new Tina Fey and Amy Poehler movie set...

Warner Bros. Pictures / Via

And sniff Tina's beautiful hair. Which probably smells like heaven.

Perhaps you'd listen to conversations that weren't meant for your ears...

Warner Bros. Pictures / Via

Which can be extremely entertaining.

And you could even crash the Academy Awards and be in the presence of Hollywood's A-listers.

Warner Bros. Pictures / Via

Meryl! Denzel! JLaw!

So tell us: what's the craziest thing you'd do if you had Harry Potter's invisibility cloak?


Awards and badges will be given to the most creative submissions!

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