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    48 Of The Best Gifts For All The Guys In Your Life

    Fun, practical gifts for your dad, brother, significant other — or literally anybody in your life.

    Hey! While we’re doing our best to make sure the products we feature will arrive in time for Christmas, shipping times are especially tricky this year and can vary depending on where you live, which product you purchase, and more. Shop early and be sure to double check the retailers’ websites for shipping information to ensure that your gift will arrive in time for the 25th!)

    1. A Himalayan BBQ salt plank that'll deliver an extra dose of flavor to all of the foods on dad's go-to grill menu.

    Asparagus and tomatoes lined up on the salt block that's resting on a charcoal grill

    2. A three-speed Bluetooth vinyl player with a sleek wood design for a jam session that is as equally suave as their taste in a music.

    3. A tabletop fireplace to ~outshine~ all of their other boring ol' centerpieces. The glass can be removed for s'more roasting, and do I need even need to say more?!

    The small tabletop fireplace with rocks and a small flame

    4. A beard grooming and trimming kit (that comes in a very gift-friendly box!), because ya simply can't go wrong with something that says, you have a great beard, here are a bunch of cool beard things.

    5. A skull ice mold, because why (WHY!!!) would they use boring ice cubes to chill their cocktail when they could be using THIS? Fancy, but make it dead.

    6. A memory foam seat cushion for the practical guy in your life, because there's no better gift than the gift of comfort.

    seat cushion placed on a car seat

    7. A simple yet very stylish watch that'll be easy to dress up or down thanks to its versatility. It's so affordable, ya might as well get them a couple in different colors!

    8. A faaaancy wine preservation system to allow wine snobs to pour a glass without having to remove the cork, so they can enjoy their expensive bottles over time (and not in one sitting).

    A person's hand using the Coravin wine system to pour wine into another person's wine glass

    9. A sleek, minimalist wallet and money clip that can fit up to 12 cards — which means they can finally downsize from their bulky, worn-out one.

    10. Bad Sweater — a bottle that isn't your average whiskey. This handsomely dressed drink is aged for four years and has added notes of cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, and vanilla. Is this their new favorite? No doubt.

    "Bad Sweater" whiskey wearing a tiny bad sweater and styled on a table

    11. A monthly subscription box curated with fun finds each month. From artisanal cocktail kits to delicious condiments, they are sure to find some new favorites.

    12. A pair of leather Greats guaranteed to become the most stylish thing in their wardrobe. Their jeans, tees, and entire closet are about to love you just as much as they do.

    Model tying a pair of tan leather Greats

    13. A beer cap map of their state for keeping track of all the amazing craft brews they try. Finally! A fun place for their cap collection.

    14. A portable, electric pellet Traeger grill featuring a 4-pound capacity hopper that'll keep up the heat for hours on end so they can enjoy slow-cooked, delicious ribs on their next camping adventure.

    The portable grill set up on truck bed with large ribs cooking

    15. A pre-shave oil to help prevent irritation and razor burn. The scent is inspired by cask-aged bourbon and is formulated with botanical ingredients and essential oils. TL;DR: Their skin is bound to love this heavenly stuff.

    Person holding the bottle of the pre-shave oil. It has a pretty black and gold label.

    16. A leather weekender bag for the guy who is always on the go, whether that's for lots of work trips or back and forth from college.

    17. A luxurious animal bottle stopper that'll look regal as hell adorned on his best bottles — and I am not lion about that. These beautiful pieces are hand sculpted in brass, so it'll make for an extra special gift.

    Wine stoppers that are sculpted in different animal heads and stuck in bottles

    18. A can't-go-wrong bottle of Mike's Hot Honey you better bee-lieve they can smother on everything from pizza to cocktails.

    19. A salt shooter so they can hunt the trickiest game out there: those pesky houseflies. That...or use it to season their food in the most exciting way possible.

    Reviewer holding the salt shooter in backyard

    20. A gourmet beef subscription so you can skip the frantic trip to the store in search of high quality meat for dinner. Just a fair warning that your entire neighborhood might be stopping by once they get a whiff of this cookin' up in your kitchen.

    Cooked meat styled and garnished on a wooden cutting board

    21. A Deeper smart sonar that scans the water so the fishing fanatic in your life has all the information they need to make the perfect cast.

    22. A block of Beehive cheese infused with Basil Hayden's bourbon for a sweet and spicy treat. I recommend gifting this while you're around so you can reap the benefits, *nudge nudge.*

    A block of cheese next to a bottle Basil Hayden's

    23. A coffee subscription box so he can drink coffee from countries around the world even if he hasn't bean there before.

    A birds eye view of the subscription box, bags of coffee, and cups of coffee spread out on table

    24. A gorgeous African print tie that'll take the #1 spot in their tie collection.

    25. A truffle condiment set for the foodie at heart. With this in their pantry, they'll be able to whip up some impressive meals — which hey, sounds like something you could benefit from. *Nudge, nudge* dinner is at their house.

    The set laid out to see all of the contents

    26. Funky whiskey glasses because someone who ~rocks~ as much as they do deserves a pair of luxe drinking vessels.

    Two glass whiskey glasses with a bottom that's shifted to the side

    27. And! A custom whiskey decanter with their name and initial — and go you because this is about to be the best thing on their bar cart, 100%.

    The custom decanter styled on a table with a glass of whiskey and a cigar

    28. A luxurious bedding set for making them feel like the king that they are. It comes with a duvet cover, sheets, two pillowcases, and the option to pick between different colors and prints.

    29. A pair of ultra comfy indoor felt slippers made with 100% natural wool and a leather outsole that'll contour their feet and easily become their most beloved house shoe.

    A pair of slip-on Glerups slippers set atop a leather bag

    30. A gemstone guitar pick inspired by each month's birthstone so they can strum away with something extra special.

    Five guitar picks in different gem stones

    31. An eight-person tent with a screened-in, covered awning to get the whole family excited about spending time outdoors — absolutely will. Hello, this view!!!

    32. An electric trimmer and shave set for hair that goes ~beyond~ the face. It even comes with a citrus-scented spray made with moringa (a plant that's packed with proteins and minerals) and witch hazel that'll give 'em a quick refresh when they need it.

    33. A personalized leather camera strap featuring their name or monogram that's carefully fire-branded. I mean, there's no way they AND their camera don't fall in love with this.

    The different color straps laid out and styled on a table

    34. Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat — a wildly popular cookbook that'll take them from amateur cook to professional chef once they're finished with it.

    Cover of the cookbook

    35. AND a spice set to elevate their grill game — which will hopefully benefit you if you're invited over to eat.

    FreshJax spice kit with six spices

    36. A basketball cereal bowl because if he insists on playing with his food, he should at least do it properly.

    A basketball bowl with a hoop for cereal

    37. A sleek electric toothbrush with a space-friendly charging base that'll be the perfect gift for hard-to-shop for dudes — ya know, because everyone should be brushin' their teeth.

    38. A pair of casual cool Nike Air Force 1s with a ginger color accent you just can't go wrong with. These are so stylish and comfortable, will they ever take them off? Truly, who's to say?

    White AF1 with ginger color swoosh and sole

    39. A sherpa-lined denim jacket if bein' stylish and trendy has always been in their ~jeans~.

    Model wearing the light wash denim jacket with a sherpa collar and lining

    40. An actually affordable jar humidor to keep their small cigar collection at peak freshness.

    Reviewer image of the jar filled with cigars and a hydrometer

    41. Kabob grilling baskets so they can make the perfect, hassle-free kabob on the grill every. single. time.

    The baskets filled with veggies resting on a plate

    42. A rod rack and tackle station to provide them with *one* place to store all of their best fishing gear...and so their growing collection stops taking over the garage.

    The rod organizer holding tons of rods and gear on the shelves

    43. A delightful AeroGarden so even anyone with a notorious black thumb can finally grow their own fresh herbs (and actually keep them alive) in the comfort of their own home. This smarty gadget waters, feeds, and emits lights on schedule so there's not forgetting to water here, folks.

    Reviewer's AeroGarden on their counter with tons of fresh herbs that have grown

    44. A pair of fleece joggers that'll make a nice contribution to their ever-growing sweats collection. With a lightweight cotton-blend fleece that wicks away moisture, these comfy bottoms might just become their new go-to all thanks to you.

    Model wearing the light gray joggers

    45. A tea subscription box to satisfy any tea-lover's cravings with a variety of new options to try each month.

    Sips By box will different teas

    46. A powerful pressure washer they'll love the second they get results like these. Truly, they're gonna end up pressure washing everything in their path.

    47. A stainless-steel can and bottle insulator for keeping their beverages — how cold? — ICE COLD (!!!) for hours longer than traditional sleeves.

    Person holding the insulator with a tall can placed inside

    48. And lastly, a camping-inspired travel coffee mug so they can at least pretend they are on their way to the forest...when in reality, they're actually driving to work.

    Ello Campy mugs with a speckled print

    All your gift recipients to you:

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