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A Ton Of Random Facts About People And Their Cars

People do some weird things to their cars. Some people are in a romantic relationship with their cars, and some people give their cars names. What's really weird is how much money we sink into them on a daily, monthly and yearly basis. Here is everything you need to know about "People and Their Cars."

KaylaMatthews 5 years ago

20 Cats Who Are Not Happy About Getting A Bath

Cats might not mind licking themselves to death, and thereby coughing up a hairball or two, but splash just a bit of water on them, and they not only go crazy but they look pretty crazy too.

KaylaMatthews 5 years ago

16 Scholarship Opportunities You Might Have Missed

So you’re looking for the perfect college, but you’re wondering how exactly to foot the bill when the time comes to pay up. Never fear! There are plenty of scholarship opportunities out there just waiting for applicants like you. Check out these commonly missed chances at some free money to cover your tuition and then some.

KaylaMatthews 5 years ago

30 Things That Insanely Productive People Do Every Day

You don’t have a Type A personality, but you can mimic those that do. Whether you’re just trying to get your chores done faster or you need to crunch more into your workday, become more productive with these 30 tips.

KaylaMatthews 5 years ago