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20 Cats Who Are Not Happy About Getting A Bath

Cats might not mind licking themselves to death, and thereby coughing up a hairball or two, but splash just a bit of water on them, and they not only go crazy but they look pretty crazy too.

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1. “Just give me a second … I need to finish washing my face.”


2. “Just practicing my breaststroke!”

Via Cheezburger

3. “I never asked for this.”

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4. “I didn’t realize this is what you meant by sunbathing.”

Via Cheezburger

5. “This is why I don’t play with children.”

Via Cheezburger

9. “What wind tunnel is this?!”


14. "I've made a terrible mistake."


Bath time isn't always fun time for cats, so if you're really looking to surprise them — even more than the cats here — find a pet wash, and then watch them really freak out. In other words, bring your camera so you can document their crazy antics.

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