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A Ton Of Random Facts About People And Their Cars

People do some weird things to their cars. Some people are in a romantic relationship with their cars, and some people give their cars names. What's really weird is how much money we sink into them on a daily, monthly and yearly basis. Here is everything you need to know about "People and Their Cars."

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People Love Their Cars....Literally. / Via CJ Pony Parts

This takes a love of vehicles to a whole new level. More than 500 people claim that they are actually feel romantically in love with their cars. Furthermore, 4 in 10 Americans say their car has a unique personality, and many of us consider our cars to be a part of our families.

People Put a LOT of Time and Money into Their Cars / Via CJ Pony Parts

Did you know that you spend approximately 5 years of your life in your car? And 38 hours of that time is just you sitting in traffic! Not to mention the 4 hours each year you spend just putting gas in the thing. I guess if you actually love your car though these expenses might not seem that bad...

The Number of Miles We Drive are Out of This World / Via CJ Pony Parts

Americans drive approximately 33 miles each day OR 798 THOUSAND miles in a lifetime. That's enough to drive to the moon 3 times, or to drive around the Earth 32 times.

We Also Multitask in Our Cars / Via CJ Pony Parts

Not only do we drive from point A to point B, but we also do a ton of other things in our cars. 90% of people sing in their cars, 27% of women put on makeup in their cars (not very safe btw), and 20% of people use both feet to drive (REALLY bad idea!).

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