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    Ranking The Fashion From The “Gossip Girl” Reboot Episode 3, From "Burn This" To "Take My Money Now"

    I apologize in advance for the number of times I scream about jackets!

    Welcome back, Upper East Siders! Can you believe this is my third week ranking all the fashion from the Gossip Girl reboot??? Time sure flies when you're throwing shade!

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    Let's not waste any time as we begin to cast stern judgment on all the looks from Episode 3, "Lies Wide Shut."

    18. Wendy's oversize turtleneck blouse:

    Wendy wears an oversize floral turtleneck blouse
    HBO Max

    As the morals of these teachers steadily decline, apparently so does their fashion sense. While the pattern of this blouse is super cute, I can't stand that it doesn't fit her. The turtleneck portion makes it look like her head is resting on a cupcake liner. Thank you, NEXT!

    17. Kate's, Jordan's, and Reema's drab faculty-meeting looks:

    Kate wears a floral shirt under a cardigan, Jordan wears a dark suit and matching tie, and Reema wears a tight-fitting blazer
    HBO Max

    While I do appreciate the subtle gray matching between Jordan and Kate, I just can't get into these outfits. I mean, you work in MANHATTAN!! Please dress accordingly. 

    16. Julien's and Audrey's ~interesting~ takes on the Constance uniforms:

    Julien wears biker shorts and an oversize hooded sweatshirt under a letterman jacket. Audrey wears a striped vest over a white lace long-sleeved shirt
    HBO Max

    We're back to the biker shorts, ladies and gentlemen! A piece of clothing I never needed to see again, tbh. And while I have stated my love for oversize clothing, this vest overdress makes Audrey look as if she's being swallowed by the fabric. Yikes.

    15. Zoya's cozy-at-home fit:

    Zoya wears a dark cropped cowl-neck sweater and high-waisted jeans
    HBO Max

    I love a good cropped sweater and high-waisted jeans moment. A true classic.

    14. Julien's sample little white dress:

    Julien wears a tight-fitting tank top dress
    HBO Max

    Sure, she was rocking this look when she was being rejected again and again and again, but at least she looked good during it!

    13. Zoya's little black dress:

    Zoya wears a floor-length tight-fitting tank top dress
    HBO Max

    Our favorite sisters were definitely on the same wavelength this episode because Zoya was rocking this cute look while being rejected by both her peers and Obie. Why can't Z just be happy?!

    12. Audrey's extra-buttoned pants:

    Audrey wears a knit sweater, oversize bow tie, and high-waisted pants with brass buttons on it
    HBO Max

    I love that the buttons add a subtle flair to the whole look. Plus, I'm a sucker for brass-looking buttons.

    11. Max's pin-striped uniform blazer:

    Max wears his pin-striped uniform blazer over a knit sweater and a bow tie that matches the sweater
    HBO Max

    Strangely enough, this was not Max's only pin-striped look, which I was living for!! I can't express enough how much I love the expansion of the Constance uniforms. And they just keep getting better with each episode!

    10. Luna's distressed denim jacket:

    Luna wears a high-waisted ruffle shirt with a button-up blouse tucked into it and a distressed jacket
    HBO Max

    The distress in this jacket is so subtle, but it works so well! Luna constantly toes the line between elegant and casual in a way that I can't get enough of!!

    9. Zoya's plaid wool overcoat:

    Zoya wears an oversize plaid wool coat over a plaid uniform skirt and knee-length socks
    HBO Max

    While I'm someone who can't even stand near wool because I'll start sweating profusely, I do love the pattern on this jacket and the fact that it's oversize!! 

    8. Monet's Clueless-esque uniform:

    Monet wears a high-waisted pin-striped skirt with a T-shirt tucked into it under a dark letterman jacket and a beret
    HBO Max

    I could totally see Dionne rocking this letterman jacket and high-waisted pin-striped skirt combo. Plus, her beret makes her scowl look adorable.

    7. Monet's bad-bitch-in-business uniform and Luna's softly sweet uniform:

    Monet wears a tight-fitting plaid blazer over a top with ruffles on it, and Luna wears a studded high-waisted skirt and a knit sweater
    HBO Max

    Did you see that Louis Vuitton heart-shaped bag?!? It's such an iconic accessory, and no one can tell me otherwise. And Luna radiates such a kind and caring energy in that white knit sweater, which is deceptive and hilarious.

    6. Julien's nude-colored theater dress:

    Julien wears a long dark trench coat over a tight-fitting minidress
    HBO Max

    She honestly looks as if she just walked off the runway in this look!! Paired with the long dark trench coat hanging from her shoulders, you could hang this moment in a museum. 

    5. Max's colorblock Constance letterman jacket:

    Max wears a colorblock letterman jacket over a knit sweater
    HBO Max

    I don't know why this episode consisted of so many amazing jacket moments, but I'm not going to start complaining! I would buy this jacket immediately if the show ever decided to start selling them. (Hint, hint!!!)

    4. Luna's turtleneck fringe sweater:

    Luna wears a dark, high-waisted ruffle skirt and a knit sweater with fringe on the hem
    HBO Max

    It's interesting that this knit sweater is similar to another she wore in this episode, but this one rates above the other because of the unnecessary and dramatic fringe on the hem. Why is the fringe only in two places? I have no idea, but I love it!!

    3. Max's banana-colored pin-striped suit:

    Max wears a tight-fitting pin-striped blazer over a paisley patterned button-up shirt
    HBO Max

    I love that Max wore this suit in solidarity with his father. It was such an unexpectedly sweet moment from a character who can be pretty cunning and cold. Plus, I love that the men are finally stepping up their fashion game!! But unfortunately, there was another man who completely knocked it out of the park this week, and I think we all know who I'm talking about...

    2. Gideon's over-the-top and iconic theater look:

    Gideon wears a black fitted blazer with oversize shoulder pads and matching bow tie
    HBO Max

    I can't overstate how much I loved this outfit from the SECOND Gideon walked onscreen. Is the outfit comfortable? No. Is it appropriate for a casual night out at the theater? Not really. Do I love this more than any look I've seen on a man so far? ABSOLUTELY!! More of this, please and thank you!

    1. And finally, Julien's "cast aside" catsuit:

    Julien wears a bodysuit with sheer cutouts on her chest and all the way up her legs to her bust
    HBO Max

    My jaw dropped when the camera revealed how high the sheer material went. This look is bold, daring, and perfect for forgetting your tragic breakup — 10s across the board!!

    That's all for this week, folks! Please join me next week as we continue to decide whose looks are hot and whose are absolutely not. Byeeeeeeee!

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