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    Ranking The Fashion From The “Gossip Girl” Reboot Episode 2, From "No Thanks" To "I Need It Now"

    "There's a '90s theme going on that I couldn't love more."

    Hello, Upper East Siders! Welcome back to the second week of ranking the incredible fashion from the Gossip Girl reboot!

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    Let's get started and judge all the looks from Episode 2, "She's Having a Maybe."

    12. The parent-teacher conference glow-up

    Wendy wears a floral dress, Jordan wears a full suit and tie, Kate wears a polka dot dress, and Rema wears a paint suit
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    Once again, everyone's least favorite meddling teachers have ranked last. While I appreciate Kate's fancy new shoes and Wendy's floral dress, it just wasn't enough to outdo the true stars of this show. Sorry not sorry! 

    11. Obie's Dan Humphrey–inspired turtleneck moment

    Obie wears a turtleneck under a tight fitted blazer
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    Look me in my eye and tell me you can't see Lonely Boy wearing an outfit just like this. The male fashion on this show is severely lacking and, while this look isn't groundbreaking, I can respect the effort by letting him rock a blue blazer instead of a plain black one. Baby steps, I guess.

    10. Audrey's all white plaid fit

    Audrey wears a tank top tucked into high waisted plaid pants
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    While Audrey still isn't ranking high on my "characters to care about" list, I do love the way she manages to look so elegant no matter what she's wearing.

    9. Zoya's business casual gala look

    Zoya wears a blazer with the sleeves rolled up, dress pants, and sneakers
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    Look at this tiny businesswoman! The crop top, sneakers, and blazer really gave Zoya a "teen going to the Kids' Choice Awards" vibe, and I'm digging it!

    8. Zoya's adorable striped uniform shirt

    Zoya wears an oversized striped long sleeve shirt
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    As I stated last week, I'm such a sucker for oversized clothes, and Z really delivers in that department! Plus, I love that we're seeing a lot of Constance uniform options, which wasn't really hinted at in the original Gossip Girl.

    7. Monet's punk rock outfit

    Money wears a tank top tucked into a high waisted plaid shirt, fishnet stockings, and heels
    HBO Max

    One of my biggest complaints about this show is that we don't always get to see everyone's outfits up close, and that's such a shame!! In a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment, Monet shined in this plaid skirt and fishnets. What an icon.

    6. Julien's fashionable slip dress

    Julien wears a floor length satin slip dress
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    Julien truly has perfected the "influencer in the wild" vibe, and this dress really proves that! It fits her so well, and that green color is GORGEOUS on her!

    5. Zoya's retro take on the Constance uniform

    Zoya wears a plaid uniform jumper with one strap buckled to the buttons on the torso and the other hanging loose with a plaid shirt wrapped around her waist
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    Surprisingly, this is not the only one-shoulder look Z rocks in this episode. There's a '90s theme going on with her that I couldn't love more. From the one strap to the flannel, Zoya is rocking this uniform!!

    4. Luna's amazing white fringe top

    Luna wears a strapless top with fringe on the hem and a cut out in the middle
    HBO Max

    Luna La, fashion queen! I love how outrageous this top is with the the fringe on the hem, and the fact it's paired with a muted pair of black pants only accentuates how gorgeous it is.

    3. Luna and Monet's sweet and girly uniform accessories

    Luna wears a cropped denim jacket and Monet wears an oversized knit cardigan.
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    Well, well, well, look who's back in the top three. Are we really surprised? Luna and Monet are the only two characters I can confidently say keep raising the bar with their uniform looks. But the true star of this duo is really Monet, because that cardigan is beyond beautiful. Where can I buy one ASAP?!

    2. The golden trio's impeccable gala gowns

    Luna wears an off the shoulder floral gown, Julien wears a think strapped floor length gown, and Monet wears a two toned strapless gown
    HBO Max

    WHY. CAN'T. WE. GET. A. WHOLE. LOOK. AT. THEIR. OUTFITS?! This feels like the ultimate tease because just the top half of each gown makes me want to see more!! And, obviously, Monet and Luna steal the show again.

    1. And finally, Zoya's '90s-themed fit

    Zoya wears a cropped long sleeve shirt under overalls with only one strap buckled
    HBO Max

    I wish I could explain the noise I made when I saw Zoya wearing this on her bed for the first time. Yes, it's a super-simple look, but she pulls it off so well! The cropped long-sleeve shirt under the one strap overalls is a '90s vibe not a lot of people can really pull off, and Z did it twice! We have no choice but to stan.

    See you next week, my darlings! Same time, same place!

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