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    Ranking The Fashion From The First Episode Of The "Gossip Girl" Reboot, From "Tragic" To "Iconic"

    Let's get messy, friends!

    Hello, Upper East Siders! My name is Kayla and I've been obsessed with Gossip Girl since I was a wee baby back in junior high. I had all the books and watched every episode of the show as it aired over the years, so I like to think of myself as a GG expert.

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    One of my favorite parts of the show, besides all the petty drama, was the fashion! Every look the cast wore became instantly iconic. I mean, you can't even say the word "headband" in this space without thinking of Blair Waldorf. So, now that the first episode of the reboot has dropped, it's time to see if this new generation has what it takes to go down in GG fashion history!

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    Come along, children!

    Here's a ranking of all the fashion from Gossip Girl Episode 1, “Just Another Girl on the MTA”:

    16. Wendy's first day of school "fit"

    Wendy wears a knit vest over a button up top and a floral skirt
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    Listen, I know teaching these rich little monsters can be stressful, so you would want to be comfortable, but this look is not it. Why would you even step foot in Constance wearing this?! You're just asking to be made fun of, sorry.

    15. Kate's cute "soccer mom on the go" look

    Kelly wears a striped sweater and high waisted jeans under a coat
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    Okay, so the jacket and scarf are obvious nods to the original Gossip Girl, which I love. But, again, why would you wear something like this to a school where the kids can tear you down in five seconds?? Step it up, Kelly!

    14. Monet's big purple coat

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    This truly hurts my soul to say, as Monet's fashion was so on point until this outfit, but this jacket was not working for me. I think if she lost the shoulder pads, it would be super cute.

    13. Audrey's simple pink gown

    Audrey wears a soft short sleeve gown with a slit
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    Audrey is not one of my favorites so far, but even I have to begrudgingly say this gown was very pretty and worked well on her. Still don't like her personality, though. 

    12. Julien's model street-style look

    Julien wears high waisted leather pants and a cropped tank top
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    I can totally see Kendall Jenner or Gigi Hadid wearing something like this, and I love it! It's a super-simple outfit, but Julien just shines while wearing it.

    11. Julien's back-to-school uniform

    Julien wears biker shorts, a striped button up top, and knee length boots
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    Things have certainly changed since we were back at Constance. I mean, she's wearing biker shorts at school! However, I do love the knee-high baggy boots. They really tie the look together!

    10. Julien, Luna, and Monet's coordinated uniforms

    Julien wears an oversized sweater over a skirt, Monet wears an oversized sweater with lining, and Luna wears a sweater over a t-shirt, and mini skirt
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    I LIVE for coordinated outfits and, thankfully, this is not the last time we see this trend with this trio. The cream and black colors really complement each other nicely. Plus, I love how you can see each girl's personality through their individual outfits.

    9. Zoya's sweet schoolgirl look

    Zoya wears a striped uniform jumper skirt over a long sleeve shirt
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    As someone who had to wear uniforms for a few years, I appreciate Zoya's attempt to make this a cute look with the added headscarf and Adidas x Ivy Park sneakers.

    8. Julien, Luna, and Monet's gorgeous blue-toned uniforms

    Monet wears a plaid blazer, Julien wears a blazer over a long shirt, and Luna wears a  denim jacket and high waisted mini skirt
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    We're back with more coordinated looks!! This time, the trio is rocking a cream/blue color look, and I couldn't love it more. While I do love their individual fits, Monet is obviously stealing the show with that fitted blazer. However, I have to deduct some style for Julien's fanny pack. I'm sorry, fanny packs will never be cool, no matter who designs it.

    7. Luna and Monet's "out on the town" fits

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    Luna and Monet were truly killing the fashion game in this episode. I wish I could explain how much I love Monet's black and white top; that sheer cutout is so classy and daring. And while Luna's dress is super cute, I'm not a super-big fan of high-low cuts on dresses, but she still makes it work!

    6. Zoya's "glo-down" uniform

    Zoya wears an oversized sweatshirt over a plaid uniform skirt, and knee length socks
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    I'm such a sucker for oversized sweatshirts, so I knew I was going to love this look from the moment Zoya looked in her mirror. However, what really ties this look together is the cute gray knee-high schools. Why be basic and wear white socks when you can add a little spice to the mix?

    5. Zoya's hand-me-down party fit

    Zoya wears a tight fitted metallic long sleeve dress
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    I LOVE this dress on Zoya, as she looks like a model out on the town. While you can tell she's not completely comfortable in this dress, she still looks amazing, and that's what counts!

    4. Luna and Monet's classy take on the Constance uniforms

    Monet wears a tweed blazer and skirt set and Luna wears a mini skirt with a button up top tucked into it
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    Listen guys, I'll probably be screaming about these two for weeks to come because LOOK. AT. THEM! From Monet's simple yet elegant tweed skirt suit, to Luna showing off her incredible legs in that simple black mini skirt, I think I can confidently say they are the best dressed people on this show.

    3. Zoya's drop-dead gorgeous fashion show dress

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    While this dress is absolutely gorgeous and complemented Zoya's skin tone beautifully, I'm just upset we didn't get a super-clear look at it. Beautiful clothes deserve to be admired, dammit!

    2. Luna's brightly colored fashion show look

    Luna wears a cropped long sleeve pink shirt and high waisted orange pants.
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    One would think orange and bright pink wouldn't really work together, but somehow they do in this look! I love that the shirt is cropped to show off the high-waisted pants. Luna is truly killing it, and it's only Episode 1!!!

    1. And finally, Julien's show-stopping fashion show finale gown

    Julien wear a floor length checkered patterned halter top gown
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    THIS IS HOW YOU DO FASHION, HUNNY. I gasped when I saw Julien in this gown, and that was before she literally lit the stage on fire! The two patterns work seamlessly together, and she just looks like the true queen she is.

    That's all for this week, folks! Join me next week as we continue to judge the fashion of Manhattan's most scandalous elites. Ciao!

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