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    49 "Gossip Girl" Fashion Moments So Iconic, I Don't Think The Reboot Will Ever Be Able To Live Up To Them

    Will the reboot give us a fashion lesson as iconic as "tights are not pants"?

    As we all know, the Gossip Girl reboot premieres July 8.

    the new Gossip Girl cast on the Met steps

    It's very exciting and all, but I just need to say something — the original Gossip Girl had the best fashion of all time. OF ALL TIME!!!

    Just to prove my point, I've gathered some of my absolute favorite GG fashion moments below.

    1. I mean, come on. Is anyone else going to achieve this level of "statue at the Met"?

    Serena in deep v long sheer sleeve dress with embroidered beading, a short tight skirt, and sheer lace long skirt, with a wrap belt that goes into a sash

    2. Or springtime picnic?

    Blair in a knit beret, a ruffled large bubble skirt with apples on it, a patterned sash belt, and a halter top with cherry print on it

    3. This sparkly grid dress might be my favorite Serena outfit ever.

    Serena in a short flare dress with lacy chiffon underneath and a v neck, and a sparkly grid overlay, with a leopard print purse, nude lace up booties, and a long blazer

    4. Scratch that. THIS is my favorite Serena outfit.

    Serena in pleated pants with a striped tank and a sequin structured jacket

    5. Never mind, I think it may be this one.

    6. But it's not only Serena who can do metallic blazers!!

    7. This was an outfit Serena wore to CLASS. I used to go straight from the gym to class IN MY SWEATY GYM CLOTHES.

    Serena in a sleeveless button up vest with high waisted shorts and a big chain necklace

    8. I know this is just a sundress, but why is it nicer than everything I own?

    Blair in a sweetheart neckline tank floral pattern dress with a flare skirt and corset top and a tie at the waist

    9. Ditto to this.

    short sleeve collared button up front flare skirt dress with a floral pattern and a thick belt

    10. Blair in hot pink high-waisted shorts was not something I knew I needed in my life, but here we are.

    Blair in tights, high waisted shorts, a buckle belt, a leaf pattern v neck ruffle blouse, and an open cardigan with pearls sewn on

    11. I am LIVING for the pop of color with the jacket here!!

    Serena in a pleated chiffon short high waisted mini floral pattern skirt with a striped tank and a bright 1/2 sleeve open blazer

    12. This was at Dorota's wedding, but let's be real, Blair stole the show.

    Blair in a short structured dress that goes out at the hips then back in with bows on the skirt, cap sleeves, a sheer overlay over the deep v neck, and sequins going all down the front

    13. Okay, I'll be honest: I don't like Blair's hair here, but the dress?? Flawless.

    Blair in a flutter short sleeve high neck sheer dress that goes down to her knees with sequins all over and a sparkly thin belt

    14. I'm also obsessed with this ruffled dream.

    Blair in a floral ruffled gauze v neck tank dress with a 3 row floral chain belt

    15. And these PANTS!!!

    Serena in long loose pants with a snake print buckle belt, a hat, and a thin tank top with a chunky long necklace

    16. This dress literally inspired me to watch Breakfast At Tiffany's.

    Serena in a cap sleeve tight short cocktail building patterned dress with extra pleated fabric coming down the sides and a long layered pearl necklace

    17. And this glam look made me want to time travel back to the 1970s.

    Serena in a metallic long sleeveless wrap dress with a deep v neck with a bit of a cowl and matching bangles and chunky necklace

    18. This leopard-print, structured dress says both wild and dignified.

    Blair in a tight short leopard print cap sleeve almost cape-like top dress  with a tie belt and a buckle over the top

    19. And this billowy tie-dye dress says fun and free.

    Serena in a loose v neck long sleeve tie dye short dress with a braided belt and booties

    20. Alright, fine. I'll put a few Jenny outfits in here.

    Jenny in dark booties, a miniskirt, a cropped leather moto jacket, a blouse, and a tie

    21. Clearly, Constance did not have a dress code, but I'm here for it.

    Jenny in a romper with a leather jacket and fishnets and a long necklace

    22. I NEED this jacket. End of story.

    Jenny in heels and tights with a dark minidress, a scarf, kand a studded moto leather jacket and a beanie

    23. And this one.

    Serena in high waisted shorts and a loose v neck blouse with a confetti patterned bright 3/4 sleeve blazer jacket

    24. Okay, The Great Gatsby!!!

    Serena in a tight v neck tank strap minidress with an intricate beaded pattern, light fishnets, and a satin short cape with similar beaded embroidery and a collar

    25. I think my favorite gown of Serena's is this Carolina Herrara dress that Juliet and Jenny also donned while impersonating her:

    cap sleeve deep v neck tight long dress with sequins underneath and tulle ruffles all over in a mermaid-like pattern

    26. I'm obsessed with this neckline.

    knee-length dress with a chocker and geometric criss-crossing top with then a sweetheart neckline and slits up the skirt with sequin lines and flowers all up and down the dress

    27. We only got a glimpse of this sequin maxi skirt, but we deserved more!!!

    28. This outfit makes me want to go on a tropical vacation.

    bright halter chiffon flutter top with loose flare chiffon shorts with a floral pattern and a thick bead necklace

    29. How have we not even gotten to the COATS yet??

    Blair in dark tights, neon shoes, a polka dot scarf, long suede gloves, a neon purse, and a bright cape peacoat

    30. Remember when Blair Waldorf invented monochrome?

    Blair in a scarf, low structured coat with a short train in the back, matching skirt, lace up booties, and fishnet tights

    31. Serena certainly did not look 15 in this flashback, but she did look FLAWLESS.

    Serena in thick wool tights and grid high waisted shorts with a striped collared blazer and a plaid shirt with a tie underneath

    32. I still think this is the best ballgown Blair ever wore, and I'm including both her wedding dresses in that.

    Blair in a strapless ruffled ballgown with a giant ruffled skirt

    33. Although her prom dress was a close second.

    Blair in a structured top ballgown with a flare skirt with peacock-like embroidery all over

    34. Though I will also mention her (second) wedding dress!!

    Blair in a wide neckline long sleeve long loose skirt gown with floral beaded embroidery all over the top and sleeves and striped sparkles all down the dress

    35. I literally went online and bought these jeans after this episode. They were like $200, but it was worth it.

    long loose open cardigan with geometric pattern skinny jeans and long knee-length suede boots and a velvet tank and chunky geometric necklace

    36. I grew up in the Northeast, and I am still in awe of how easily Serena and Blair make cold weather look good.

    Serena in tights, a floral short flare skirt with sequins at the bottom and a long sleeve sweater with a sequin shooting star pattern and a long peacoat with high suede boots

    37. And super hot weather.

    Serena in a floral beaded embroidered bottom loose chiffon pleated skirt and a sequin pattern tank top

    38. Blair truly looks like a "dictator of taste" here, as Dan described her.

    Blair in a metallic floral print short sleeve collared sheath short dress with big pockets on the skirt, a thick matching belt, and a metal flower at the collar

    39. Serena basically invented "dress for the college you want."

    Serena in jeans, knee-high leather boots, a deep v neck blouse, and a pinstripe blazer

    40. Blair might not be blonde, but she went full-on Hamptons Barbie with this outfit.

    Blair in a v neck collared sleeveless floral print dress with a flare skirt and a bright thick belt at the waist

    41. BRB, googling dupes of this dress for this year's holiday season.

    Serena in tights and a long flare sleeve v neck tight dress with scalloped lace and sequins

    42. No one does colored tights like Blair Waldorf.

    Blair in bright tights, ballet flats, dark tight shorts, a sweatervest, collared button up, ribbon belt, and pinstripe blazer

    43. Seriously. In high school, I went out and bought a pair in every color 'cause of Blair.

    Blair in a long patent leather jacket with buckles and bright tights with high booties and a collared shirt with a tie underneath

    44. Not everyone could pull this off, but Serena van der Woodsen sure could.

    Serena in a long ruffled gown with a tiny floral print and a halter top with flowers at the neck and a big keyhole at the chest

    45. Ditto with this dress, although I think Charlie/Ivy did a decent job.

    46. Really, all the girls delivered at Cotillion.

    Blair in a metallic satin sleeveless dress with a v neck and thick ruched sleeves with a large bow on one shoulder and a long skirt with a big slit up the middle revealing an underlayer that also has a slit

    47. Even Jenny!

    48. Blair's stint as a princess was brief, but she ALWAYS dressed like one.

    tweet crop jacket with a v-neck blouse and a long thick necklace with high waisted shorts and patterned tights and a metallic headband

    49. Oh, I'm sorry, let me amend that. She always dressed like a QUEEN.

    Blair in a shoulder pad short sleeve short dress with a collar and deep v neck and a belt, with sequins up the front and on the shoulders

    *Sigh* Gossip Girl, I miss you. Well, except for you, Dan.

    Dan in a short sleeve shirt, fedora, and plaid scarf

    What's your favorite Gossip Girl outfit? Let us know in the comments!