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    31 Unique Harry Potter Products Even Die-Hard Fans Haven't Seen Before

    When you're a diehard Potterhead, finding a product that's new to you is about as easy as finding a Crumple-Horned Snorkack. Well then, just call me Luna Lovegood!

    1. A sterling silver Hallows symbol nameplate necklace you will treasure ~until the very end~.

    2. A genius water bottle that'll magically get you to start drinking enough water for once. Accio hydration!

    3. A LOL-worthy pair of socks any self-respecting member of S.P.E.W. should own.

    4. A sleek set of cuffs, including one emblazoned with one of Dumbledore's most iconic quotes to add a little light to your life.

    5. An aww-worthy Niffler in Spectrespecs enamel pin, because this cutie doesn't need any Wrackspurts getting in the way of his treasure hunting.

    6. An intricately engraved mini music box that'll play "Hedwig's Theme" when you turn the crank. Why do I get chills Every. Dang. Time?

    7. Subtle house crest spice jars to help you stay organized while preparing delicious, Great Hall-worthy meals.

    8. A Holyhead Harpies tee that star Chaser Ginny Weasley herself would approve of, because we all know the best kind of Quidditch team is an all-witch Quidditch team.

    9. An absolutely gorgeous handbag with an Elder Wand-shaped handle to give you ~unbeatable~ style.

    10. A heat-activated Marauder's Map mug so you can manage your mischief along with your morning caffeine fix. Just make sure it's cold if Snape comes poking his abnormally large nose into your business.

    11. A sexy swimsuit emblazoned with spells that's the definition of geek chic.

    12. Or a retro-inspired Hogwarts crest swim dress that probably should have been the standard-issue uniform for the second task of the Triwizard Tournament.

    13. A punny magnet featuring one of the series' cool birds that's perfect for the HP fan who is also defined by their love of books and/or food (so, all of us).

    14. A delicate enamel pin to let everyone know which series is responsible for turning you into the huge nerd you are today.

    15. A fluttering Snitch-shaped fidget spinner that's perfect for anyone seeking a solution to their boredom.

    16. A clever wallet in the form of the letter you never received (sorry to rub it in), so you can store your Galleons and Sickles in style.

    17. Faux leather Dobby drop earrings that are, appropriately, teardrop-shaped, because the mere thought of this elf basically makes you burst into Winky-level sobs.

    18. A whimsical fit-and-flare dress portraying the likes of Fawkes, Crookshanks, Scabbers, Hedwig, and Trevor so you can have your very own magical menagerie.

    19. An artsy "Always" T-shirt that kind of looks like if Lisa Frank and Snape did a collab and honestly, I'm here for it.

    20. The Unofficial Harry Potter Insults Handbook, so you can be as hilariously sassy as Order of the Phoenix and Half-Blood Prince-era Harry.

    21. A super realistic Tom Riddle's diary replica that comes complete with an invisible ink pen and a wand light to reveal your words. It'll give you the most authentic Horcrux experience without, you know, the whole possession thing.

    22. A chic claw clip to help you say ~hallow~ to a good hair day even on mornings when you're in a huge hurry.

    23. A Hermione Jean Granger raising her hand tee that's the biggest of moods for those of us with a tendency to be (insufferable?) know-it-alls.

    24. An unbelievably fabulous Luna Lovegood-inspired crossbody purse I sus-pectrespec will also make you say OMG aloud when you see it, just as I did.

    25. Adorably embroidered his-and-hers hand towels to share with the one person you'd never (Quid)ditch.

    26. An enamel pin celebrating the greatest disguise the world has ever seen —Slughorn's iconic armchair transformation. No Slug Club member's collection would be complete without it.

    27. A cheeky Dementor sticker for anyone with a dark sense of humor.

    28. A Gryffindor Quidditch-themed travel set to keep you cozy whether you travel by flying car, Hogwarts Express, or Knight Bus.

    29. A totally ~sweet~ Honeydukes insulated lunchbox that'll make lunchtime more fun, even if what you packed doesn't include any Cauldron Cakes or Pepper Imps.

    30. An OMG-worthy tank to commemorate the one (1) time Ron was right and Hermione was wrong.

    31. And an emotional baseball tee for folks like me who will defend the epilogue till the day we die, then choose to come back as ghosts so we can continue to defend it some more.

    When someone tells you you already have enough HP stuff:

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