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    32 Things That'll Solve Your Daily "Dressing For Work" Struggle

    *Groans at having to get out of bed and get ready for work* *Remembers she's wearing a cute outfit today* *Actually becomes motivated to stand up*

    1. A classy faux-wrap dress sure to have you wrapping up your search for your signature piece.

    2. A plaid boyfriend blazer that's much more agreeable than an actual boyfriend. You can pair this cutie with literally anything — a sheath dress, black pants and a tank, a pencil skirt and blouse, or a tee and ripped jeans on the weekend.

    3. A cozy open cardi with pockets that you'll want to buy in every color and print.

    4. A polished knit skirt for anyone who's ready to ditch constricting, dry-clean-only pencil skirts for good in favor of a comfy, machine-washable option.

    5. Comfy bootcut pants that don't have buttons or zippers (you just pull 'em on), but do have stretch and over 1,000 positive reviews.

    6. Sleek acrylic tortoiseshell earrings to add a sophisticated finishing touch to every look. They're basically a neutral and will go with everything, even other patterns.

    7. A gorgeous laptop bag with plenty of pockets and a padded compartment with a velcro closure to protect your precious PC. I don't care what else you're wearing, carrying this baby will make you look like the boss.

    8. A mod coral fit-and-flare full of retro flair.

    9. An embellished collared top that's like clothing and jewelry all in one for those of you who barely have time to eat breakfast in the morning, let alone accessorize.

    10. A stripy power suit everyone will think was wayyyy more expensive than it really was.

    11. Sweet low-heeled wedges to literally ~elevate~ any look (while still letting you walk comfortably).

    12. A cheery yellow-trimmed trench you could toss over even the sloppiest of ensembles and suddenly look chic.

    13. A perfect fit-and-flare dress with pockets and a just-right sleeve and hem length that over 2,000 reviewers adore.

    14. A richly-hued satin blouse literally no one will believe only cost 10 bucks.

    15. A striped pencil dress with the write stuff to become your new wardrobe staple.

    16. Classic oxfords in a bold hue, because professional does NOT have to equal boring.

    17. A stretchy fishtail bodycon skirt that's probably what Ariel would have worn if, during her time as a human, she'd been forced to work an office job.

    18. Leopard print ankle pants for anyone who's ~on the prowl~ for workwear that'll look just as fab after hours.

    19. Adorable Mary Jane heels so comfy, you'll feel confident choosing them even on days when you know you have to work late.

    20. A clever shirtdress that looks like a top and skirt combo, as if you actually had the energy to put on more than one item of clothing before your morning coffee.

    21. A clever detachable collar you can layer under pretty much anything — from sweaters to dresses — to make it look more professional without piling on so many layers that you're sweating all day.

    22. A grid-print jumpsuit to make looking put-together less of a (window)pane in the butt. Just toss a jacket or cardi over this baby and go!

    23. A preppy sweater with a vibe that may be nautical, but is also no-nonsense.

    24. A soft tweed Rebecca Taylor fit-and-flare with a pretty grosgrain belt so you can twirl, not walk, into your morning meeting.

    25. The perfect little cropped cotton cardigan to toss over any sleeveless top or dress to make it instantly office-appropriate.

    26. A sunny double-breasted blazer for anyone who is so done with basic black, grey, and tweed.

    27. A gingham peplum blouse to add a cheery vibe even on workdays that seem like they'll be no picnic.

    28. Velvet and grosgrain Sam Edelman pumps you probably shouldn't wear when presenting your coworkers with important information — they'll all get too distracted by your fabulous footwear.

    29. A perfect little black sheath dress ready to be a blank canvas for all your jackets and jewelry. Or honestly, just throw it on with a pair of pumps and walk out the door, and you'll still look chic as heck.

    30. A super chic chunky heart pendant you can toss on with all your workwear to turn even a basic blouse and pants or solid dress into a ~lewk~ in seconds flat.

    31. A sweet little Peter Pan collar blouse to cheer you up on those days when you really regret growing up and having to get a job.

    32. Cropped jacquard pants you can pretty much wear anytime you'd normally wear basic black trousers. Get ready for all your coworkers to compliment you while you simply respond "Oh, I just threw these on" — and mean it.

    When you look professional and feel fabulous at the same dang time:

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