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    25 Dresses From Amazon To Add To Your Work Wardrobe

    Get ready to work it!

    1. A practically perfect patterned midi with pockets and over 2,000 positive reviews that you'll probably end up wearing every single week. In fact, you should probably buy it in every color and make it your uniform.

    2. A cute colorblocked style sure to stand out in a sea of blah blazers and solid sheaths.

    3. A knockout collared bodycon number that might get you mistaken for the CEO, even if you're still an intern.

    4. A geometric-print frock ready to get your office wardrobe into perfect shape.

    5. A 3/4 sleeve bodycon number that may not be what your boss meant when they said you needed to earn your stripes, but is darn impressive nonetheless.

    6. A timeless faux wrap dress sure to have you saying "that's a wrap" on your search for the perfect office outfit.

    7. A classic wrap dress everyone will think you paid at least twice as much for.

    8. A vintage-y plaid stunner worthy of a Hitchcock heroine. Just do me a favor and don't steal any money from your boss so you can run away with your boyfriend, okay?

    9. A quirky-chic swan- or flamingo-printed situation, because workwear does NOT have to be boring. A fun dress like this will prevent you from ending up in a fowl mood, even when you're assigned a super annoying task.

    10. A scalloped fit-and-flare dress so you can look fab without having to shell out a lot of dough.

    11. A breezy long-sleeved midi for those days when you wish you could just wear a tee and sweats to work — this baby is basically just as comfy.

    12. A gorgeous lace shirtdress to bring a little extra glam to every day.

    13. A ruffled number that can easily take you from a very important meeting to a very fun happy hour.

    14. A sleek sheath dress with cool paneled detailing to ensure your boardroom doesn't become a bored room — your fab style will keep everyone's attention.

    15. A cute floral number you can easily dress up or down.

    16. A flirty fit-and-flare with ruffled sleeves to bring drama of the sartorial variety, not the nasty kind caused by Susan from accounting gossiping in the break room.

    17. A sweet little shift that does all the work of layering for you, but is happy to let you take all the credit.

    18. A body-hugging V-neck pencil dress no one will believe you didn't get from some super fancy store.

    19. A retro-inspired fit-and-flare with over 1,000 positive reviews for anyone who aspires to be a twirl boss.

    20. A cool pencil dress for anyone who prefers their workwear with a (literal) twist.

    21. A knit dress with a faux leather panel that's really chic. Bonus points if you pair it with a statement necklace.

    22. A posh pencil dress that'll finally get you to say yes to a hot date right after work. You don't even have to change!

    23. A sexy and stretchy high-neck floral pencil dress basically guaranteed to have you taking selfies in the bathroom mirror...just don't let it make you late to your next meeting!

    24. A swingy skater dress with laser-cut details so you'll never complain about having nothing to wear to anything ever again. Seriously, this number will make you ~cut it out~.

    25. And a chic belted number you should warn your coworkers about in advance. They should buckle up for you strutting into the office and slaying.

    When your awesome new dress actually makes you excited to go to work:

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