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    27 Things That'll Make People Think You Cleaned

    *Wipes down one surface* *Insert exhausted SpongeBob meme here*

    1. Adhesive cable clips to prevent you from pulling a Haim and fumbling your organization when it comes down to ~the wire~.

    2. A fast-drying, grout-coating pen to make your tile look so fresh, guests will think you spent forever scrubbing it clean. Because, ♫ no, you don't want no scrubbing, scrubbing is a task that can't get no love from you ♫.

    3. A simple-yet-brilliant dish squeegee that'll keep your kitchen sink and counter free of gross chunks of food and make washing dishes about a zillion times easier.

    4. Adjustable sheet-fastening straps to help make it look like you made your bed perfectly every day. "Yes, of COURSE I wrestle my stubborn fitted sheet back into place every morning; it's no big deal" — said no one ever.

    5. A charcoal-filled air purifying bag that's basically magical — over 4,000 reviewers swear by it for making it smell like they cleaned.

    6. A six-pocket hanging document organizer, because I don't know about you, but every time I spend five minutes getting all the loose papers off my desk, it looks like I have a whole new space tbh.

    7. And a sleek, transparent makeup organizer, because the same goes for when you actually ~clear~ the beauty products off your bathroom counter.

    8. The Tubshroom, a simple-yet-miraculous drain plug that catches all your hair, so keeping your drain clear will take you about .5 seconds (okay, maybe a full second depending on the distance between your tub and the trash can).

    9. A pack of amazing E-Cloths, which are made from a fabric so densely woven that it traps grime and 99% of bacteria just using good ol' H2O. Your dreams have come true; shopping for cleaning products has become obsolete.

    10. Some mold-resistant drawer organizers that basically FORCE you to fold your underwear. Your mom will be so impressed next time she visits, she won't even look under the bed!!!

    11. A multifunctional car organizer with a discreet trashcan, so no one ever has to know how much literal garbage you keep in your car.

    12. A hair tool organizer so you can finally get that mess of wires off your sink and leave your bathroom looking as organized as a damn salon.

    13. Adorable slippers with a microfiber mop bottom, so you can clean your floors every time you get off the couch to get a snack. They're a lazy person's dream.

    14. A genius self-cleaning litterbox that scoops and seals away waste, so all you have to do is change the tray every few weeks. If you said it took a lot of effort to keep your house smelling fresh, you'd fe-lying.

    15. A stylish storage ottoman that'll have visitors oohing and ahhing over its polished look. Little do they know it contains a dark secret: You stuffed all your crap in there five minutes before they came over.

    16. Or a spacious, moisture- and mold-resistant under-the-bed organizer, which is basically the responsible adult version of shoving everything under your bed.

    17. A super absorbent doormat so way less dirt comes into your abode to begin with.

    18. A handy over-the-door organizer perfect for storing all that clutter that doesn't seem to have anywhere else to go. Also, the pockets are deep enough that you can totally toss things in willy-nilly and no one will be the wiser 😉.

    19. An app-controlled smart vacuum that'll clean so well, it'll actually make you feel okay about the idea of robots taking over the world.

    20. An ingenious shed-reducing brush capable of removing loose fur from your pup's undercoat. Trust me, people won't even recognize your apartment when it's not covered in dog hair.

    21. Must-have Lysol disinfecting wipes you can use on pretty much any surface, including electronics.

    22. Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, aka special sponges whose stain removing powers are so satisfying that they're actually fun to use.

    23. A hanging mop and broom holder, because you must have your life together if even your cleaning tools are organized (even if you rarely use them).

    24. A gorgeous oversized tapestry to hang or drape over any scuffs or messes you want to conceal. Plus, it's so pretty, no one's gonna be looking at that wine stain on the carpet.

    25. Some Tide to Go pens, which should really be called "Tide to Go as Long as Possible Without Doing Laundry" pens.

    26. Bar Keepers Friend multi-surface cleanser, because if you absolutely have to break out an honest-to-goodness cleaning solution, this is the one to go for. It works on everything from glass to stainless steel, and reviewers swear by it for eliminating stains they thought were permanent.

    27. And finally, a cheeky sign you can put up when you just don't give a hoot anymore. Because look, people, messes are a part of life, deal with it.

    Now go relax and enjoy not cleaning!

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