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    Attention! This Life-Changing Robot Vacuum Makes Cleaning Actually Fun

    ALERT THE MEDIA! This Ecovacs vacuum is the best thing I have ever owned and I want everyone to have it.

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    Please allow me to collect myself because the robot vacuum we will be discussing today changed by dang life and I love to talk about it with anyone who listen.


    I am not kidding! I love all types of vacuums β€” hand vacuums, robot vacuums, sleek portable name it, I probably love it.

    I even wrote a review on this handheld one that I got last year during Prime Day because it saved my tiny apartment and I am forever grateful.

    Soooo, I am here to tell you that you needed to get this Ecovacs Deebot robot vacuum with mapping technology ($339) in your life, like yesterday.

    This is an amazing steal considering similar vacuums with mapping technologies can cost over $600.

    For starters, I personally own this robot vacuum and it has made cleaning immensely easier for me. No, really β€” sometimes I just watch this lil' guy go to work and I enjoy every second of knowing *I* am not the one that has to clean.

    Kayla Suazo / BuzzFeed

    It made me realize just how much dirt and hair accumulates in my apartment in a single day. I've run this thing daily and it always manages to pick up a ton (but more on that in a bit).

    And that's the other big thing! Who has time to vacuum every day? I sure as heck don't. I can get home at the end of the day, press a few buttons, and this thing will do all my vacuuming for me. It's honestly one of the best feelings, and my apartment has never felt cleaner β€” because this truly does suck up *everything* in its path.

    I let this thing loose on my carpet (btw, it has no problems lifting itself from solid ground onto rugs), and it managed to pull out all the hair and crumbs that I thought would be stuck there forever.

    There's a lot I can say about how this bad boy operates, but I'll try to stick to the basics. First off, the vacuum is controlled through an app, and the main menu looks like this:

    Kayla Suazo / Ecovacs

    The app is available on the App Store and Google Play, and yes, I named my vacuum Robot Bugs.

    This map is of my living room β€” which is basically my entire apartment β€” and the blue dot indicates where the vacuum is chillin'. The green plug icon is where the charging base is located, so as you can see, the vacuum is currently charging (and sleeping, so cute). It's worth mentioning that I did nothing to "map" my apartment. Because we live in 2018, the app and my phone determined the layout of my living room with β€” IDK, magic?!?

    And sure, the map looks kind of funky, but the pixelated areas are basically where the vacuum cannot go because of furniture and other things on the ground, so don't be concerned if the map isn't a perfect diagram of your home.

    When you're ready to vacuum, you can specifically select the areas you want cleaned β€” or hit "auto" and the vacuum will cover the entire map.

    Kayla Suazo / Ecovacs

    If you look closely to the map on the left, there are white patches, which indicate what parts of the room the vacuum has already been to. If on auto, it will literally vacuum all open spaces until it dies or finishes the job (such a workhorse!).

    Sometimes, though, I just want a particular area cleaned. I love that this app offers a custom option that lets you draw and modify one specific location you want vacuumed (see right photo). And because it's all done through the app, you can set it to clean when you're not home so it does all the work for you.

    And if you're wondering just how well this thing works when it comes to doing its actual job, PLEASE feast your eyes on this:

    Kayla Suazo / BuzzFeed

    PEOPLE! This was after vacuuming just my living room and hallway. The last time I'd vacuumed had been two days before this, which just goes to show you how fast dirt and dust builds up. And guess what? I don't even live with any animals, so I can't imagine the saving grace this would be for pet owners.

    I realize that I am just one person vouching for this magic machine β€” but I found some promising Amazon reviews to back me up on the greatness of this product.

    yu lin /

    "After comparing many brands and models, I chose this one as it is affordable and has all the functionalities that I need, and I am happy with it so far. It mapped my apartment the first time I ran it, and it allows me to modify the map and personalize the cleaning very easily through the app. I can specify an area for it to clean, and also set a routine or specific time. It takes about 40 minutes to clean my entire apartment (1 bed, 1 bath), and it is very precise. It will slow down when it detects a blocker in front of it, and turn around when it meets it. It allows you to connect to the robot distantly through the app, and I always ask it to clean my living room on my way back home so that when I arrive my apartment is clean! Given the price and all functionalities of this robot cleaner, I think it is a great choice for a first robot vacuum, and it is good-looking." β€”Amazon Customer

    "To be honest, this will definitely be the best purchase of the year. I was shocked by the price at first and doubted whether it was worth that much money. I could not wait to start using it right after I got it. The functionality is basic and easy to handle. However, make sure the Wi-Fi you use to connect the Deebot is 2.4GHz instead of 5G. It won't work if you don't use proper internet setting. You can still use it for cleaning even its not connected to your phone β€” you just cannot customize the cleaning area, cleaning time, and so on. However, with the app, you can easily customize the cleaning region (say bedroom only), continue with the unfinished work after charging, schedule daily clean time, AND YOU CAN EVEN LET YOUR DEEBOT WORK when you are at work!!! It's brilliant!!!!" β€”Viola

    There's one last thing I want to address: This is a high-tech product, and it does take time to learn how to best use it.

    Kayla Suazo / BuzzFeed

    Nobody picked up their first iPhone ever and immediately knew how to use every feature. Like a lot of technology, it'll take a little time to learn how to optimally operate this robot vacuum, so if you buy it and are struggling to use it the first few times, give it a month or so before chalking it up to a product error. Rely on the instructions and use the internet if you have questions!

    Honestly, I found that messing around with it is how I learned to utilize all of its amazingly awesome features β€” which was a double win for me because it cleaned my apartment while I was teaching myself how to use it.

    So please, simply watch it do its thing! You'll be surprised to find that it's extremely self-sufficient. It has yet to get itself stuck under my couch or on a ledge (just look at the GIF above!). In fact, it has the capabilities to slightly lift itself up to make it over small ledges and surface changes (like hardwood to rugs).

    I promise, this is a worth-it investment you will not regret!


    Get it from Amazon for $339.

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    Allison Krausman / BuzzFeed

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