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    31 Stylish Home Products No One Will Believe You Got From Walmart

    Prepare for compliments.

    1. A gold-leg writing desk so chic, I feel like it should be used for designing haute couture, not just my usual workday routine of typing long emails while getting Milano crumbs everywhere.

    white desk with gold hairpin legs

    2. An art museum-worthy abstract floral dinnerware set that's almost too pretty to cover up with food.

    the purple, coral, pink, and mint floral dinner plates, purple, mint, magenta, and peach salad plates, and solid purple and pink bowls

    3. A magnificent mirrored tray to ~reflect~ your great taste.

    glass and gold mirror tray with geometric design

    4. A faux leather convertible sofa bed for anyone who's always having friends crash at their place last minute, or who just likes the idea of a couch that can recline for maximum relaxation.

    5. A fluffy throw pillow you'll snuggle with so much during your next Netflix binge, your S.O. will start to get jealous.

    teal faux fur pillow

    6. Stunning peel-and-stick peacock print wallpaper that's so much easier to install, remove, and reposition than regular wallpaper, so redecorating won't leave you in a ~fowl~ mood.

    teal wallpaper with pink and yellow flowers and black and white peacocks

    7. A bright and cheerful (and collapsible!) rolling bar cart perfect for mixing up fruity drinks on your patio this summer.

    the kiwi green cart with clear wheels

    8. A vintage-y embossed glass condiment set, because condiments are the best part of eating and deserve to be treated with RESPECT.

    the teal set

    9. A hanging egg chair you'll basically live in this summer. Just looking at it has me fantasizing about a sunny day nap.

    light brown egg basket chair

    10. A roomy yet super sleek five-drawer dresser to pull together the ~aesthetic~ of even the messiest bedrooms comprised of a mismatch of pieces from your last three apartments.

    the dark faux wood dresser with light particle board drawers

    11. A tasseled velvet pillow to add a luxe touch of texture to your favorite cozy spot.

    12. A boho-chic, faux wood-framed, full-length mirror you might not even want to take mirror selfies in, because it's so pretty it might distract from the outfit you're trying to capture.

    the mirror leaning against a wall

    13. A beautiful ceramic plant pot with a useful stand that's basically like giving your plant bb their very own luxury mansion. It's what they deserve.

    blue textured plant pot on metal stand

    14. A standout tiered ombre shower curtain that'll give your bathroom an eclectic feel and that kind of looks like if Hermione's Yule Ball dress from the Goblet of Fire movie was turned into home decor (in the best possible way).

    pink and magenta ruffled shower curtain

    15. A posh petal chair I petal your friends and family will be fighting to sit in when they visit.

    teal scalloped accent chair

    16. A mod soap dispenser with a clever caddy (and included scrubber!) that's pretty much the pinnacle of form and function.

    the black soap pump with pouch-shaped spot for round scrub sponge

    17. Pretty Pioneer Woman ceramic baking dishes I'm pretty sure everyone would believe you scored at a cool antique store or got as an heirloom from your great-grandma.

    18. A rich velvet floor cushion you should probably buy in every color so each of your friends has one to lounge on during game nights. Even if you did, it'd still be less expensive than splurging on a less comfy armchair.

    the large tufted square cushions in red, gray, blue, black, off-white, green, purple, and yellow

    19. A sculptural shelf so cool, the Jonas Brothers would probably be okay with you taking their hearts and putting them on it. It might even make your cold heart melt, so you won't wanna give your love to someone else...er, another wall fixture.

    three wooden shelves attached by metal diamond shaped frame

    20. A beachy chic two-wick candle that won't compete with your other decor but will easily pass for a candle from a much fancier store. No one will guess it was under 10 bucks.

    the blue fern and citrus scent with wood-like lid and blue jar

    21. A duo of hanging geometric pots you can use as either planters or storage to help get your clutter in ~shape~.

    white inverted pyramid pots with gold diamond shaped hanging frame, holding succulents

    22. The single cutest 5-quart Dutch oven pot that you ever did see, with handy handles for my fellow clumsy people and a fun color for my fellow people who refuse let anything in their home, even their adulting basics, be boring. And get this — it's also DISHWASHER-SAFE.

    light pink pot with clear lid and chunky handles

    23. A set of gilded mini accent mirrors to give your walls a (sun)burst of personality.

    three round gold tone mirrors

    24. A sweet star print quilt and pillow sham set that'd look awesome in a kid's or teen's room. The stylish and reversible design (the other side is stripes!) also means they won't outgrow or get bored of it so quickly.

    blue and white reversible quilt and shams on a bed

    25. A summery and whimsical lemon accent rug you won't soon ~sour~ on.

    26. A glam beaded chandelier to complete your room's transformation into paradise.

    white beaded chandelier with tassel detail

    27. A set of ~aesthetically pleasing~ wire baskets complete with a removable fabric lining and chalkboard panels for labeling for anyone who finally wants to achieve their Pinterest board-worthy organization dreams.

    the small baskets holding towels and magazines

    28. A woven multicolor throw you can totally tell people you picked up at hip flea market.

    fringed rainbow throw on a couch

    29. A Safavieh sculptural textured table lamp sure to light up your life in more ways than one.

    white table lamp with cylindrical criss cross textured base

    30. A distinguished mini globe you can keep on your desk and pretend you're a seasoned private eye, an aging professor, the leader of a wealthy business family, or any other kind of character who would have one of these in a movie.

    brown globe on a bookshelf

    31. And a splurge-worthy pastel tufted chaise lounge with a romantic, Bridgerton-esque feel that makes it perfect for swooning onto as you think about that *thing* the Duke said to you.

    pastel pink lounge

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