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    28 Things For Anyone Who's Always Claiming They Don't Have Time To Cook

    Warning: reading this post may cause you to order less takeout.

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    1. A nonstick mini griddle to make cooking for one way less of a hassle (and actually get you to do it instead of ordering takeout). It's perfect for cooking up single-person servings of eggs, meat, skillet cookies, paninis, and so much more without a mess. Griddle me this: Is there anything you can't make on this baby?

    2. A subscription to Blue Apron for anyone who's never understood how anyone else has time to shop for and prep a dinner more complicated than a microwave quesadilla (big mood). This service will send you all the ingredients and instructions you need to make drool-worthy meals, many of which take less than a half hour.

    basil, tomato, and kale pasta

    3. A compact veggie spiralizer to get you to actually enjoy eating your vegetables and prepping them too. A gourmet meal with just a few turns of the wrist and a few minutes at the stove? Yes please.

    4. The cult-fave Instant Pot Duo, a programmable wonder that can serve as a pressure cooker, slow cooker, yogurt maker, sauté pan, steamer, and rice cooker. All you have to do is toss in your ingredients and hit a button, and let this baby take it from there.

    5. An easy meal planning pad so you can map out your munchies for every day of the week, make your shopping list as you go, then tear off the list when you're ready to hit the store. That way, you'll have zero excuses not to cook the meal you've been planning and the whole process will feel less overwhelming.

    hand holding up the planner pad in lemon print

    6. Dawn Platinum Powerwash Dish Spray, in case it's the *cleanup* part of cooking that you find truly daunting (I feel you). This grease-busting spritz starts sudsing on contact to spare you from scrubbing.

    7. A flexible clip-on strainer so your basic pots can moonlight as colanders and, more importantly, you won't have to deal with the ~draining~ task of rinsing an actual colander.

    8. The Big Boss Oil-less Air Fryer, a huge halogen, convection, and infared cooker that'll basically do the work for you. It's got tons of cool features, including the ability to cook pretty much anything (and even two dishes at once on different shelves), a transparent bottom to easily check progress, a basically zero need for extra oil for it to work its magic.

    9. An efficient nonstick, carbon steel lasagna pan that'll let you to cook for folks with different preferences and diets all at once. Serving picky eaters or wanting to make several types of a dish no longer has to mean triple the cooking time.

    10. And an ingenious split pie pan so you can make double the pie flavors in half the time and with half the mess.

    11. A jumbo silicone utensil known as the "Ultimate Fork," which honestly sounds like it should be a pro wrestler or an Olympic sport. But actually, it's a super versatile and durable tool that can do everything from mash to stir to scramble to separate, so it'll make pretty much any kitchen task easier (and more fun to tackle, too).

    giant green fork with a bowl of mashed potatoes

    12. The Thaw Claw, a handy tool you can attach to the bottom of your sink to keep packages of food in place while you thaw them underwater. ~Meat~ the product that'll help you thaw your protein in under half an hour, up to seven times (!!!) faster than usual.

    13. The cutting board to end all cutting boards, because it comes with four interchangeable trays, all with measuring marks, including one with a built-in grater and another with a built-in herb stripper. This way, you can prep all your ingredients and set them aside in their own trays, all without switching between different kitchen gadgets. ✨Efficiency✨, people.

    the blue cutting board with diced onion on it and in the green tray, and the blue, red, and yellow trays, with one holding celery, next to it on a counter

    14. A variety pack of pre-seasoned beans you only need to microwave for one minute for an instantly delish side dish worthy of your favorite takeout spot.

    15. An amazing all-purpose tool that's a spoon, slotted spoon, turner, spatula, and sharp cutting edge all in one sleek package, because why waste time and money filling your kitchen up with single-use products you'll rarely use when you can just spend $8 on this and be done?

    16. Adorable pastel organizer baskets made for clipping onto your fridge shelves, so you can pull out the ingredients you want to use for dinner ahead of time and you won't be rummaging around for them later in your post-work hangry state.

    the baskets in peach, pink, white, and blue

    17. A game-changing microwave pasta cooker you just fill with water and noodles (there's a line on the side that shows you how much), heat in the microwave for 12-ish minutes, and bam — you've got dinner. Boiling water? I don't know her.

    18. Powdered tomato to add natural flavor to soups, stews, and more without having to slice and dice anything or even strain a can. You can also use it as a yummy seasoning — reviewers like it on popcorn and tofu!

    19. An adorable egg cooker that can give you up to six perfect hard-boiled eggs in 12-15 minutes, no actual boiling water required. Because who actually has all that egg-stra time?

    20. Efficient five-blade herb scissors to make tedious slicing and dicing a thing of the past. Plus, with over 1,000 5-star reviews, you know they're ~a cut above~ the rest.

    21. A multi-use countertop grill and griddle with interchangeable, dishwasher-safe plates so you can use it as a grill press or lay it flat for a double griddle or grill/griddle combo. It'll save you a ton of prep *and* cleaning time and it's also great for making perfectly crispy bacon.

    22. A 3-in-1 avocado tool that's a splitter, de-pitter, and slicer all at once, because the only bad part about eating avocados is actually trying to get all that goodness out of the skin. This baby will make guac, salads, and avocado toast even easier eats than they already were.

    23. A handy dandy measurement conversion magnet in case when you, like someone else I know (I'm referring to myself), say you don't have time to cook, what you really mean is you don't really know *how* to cook. Keeping these basics conveniently in sight is muchhhh better than having to Google them every five minutes.

    the blue magnet with dry, liquid, and herb measurement conversions on a fridge

    24. A mini microwave steamer with a built-in colander perfect for prepping a single serving of veggies with basically zero effort. This thing is under 10 bucks, but you'll use it multiple times a week, so it'll pay for itself by the time you've made a few batches of broccoli.

    25. A genius butter dish and grip set that'll put your butter knife out of business. Just pop the stick straight onto the grip and spread away for hassle-free pan greasing.

    26. A Rapid Ramen Cooker with over 2,000 5-star reviews that can cook your noodles in the microwave in three minutes and must have been designed by someone with a pretty genius ~noodle~ (and a hatred of stovetop cooking) themselves.

    A reviewer's cooked noodles in the black square cooker bowl

    27. A microwave cooker to turn a cracked egg into the perfect egg sandwich patty in just one (1) minute and basically make your morning drive-thru routine obsolete.

    28. A clever colander spoon that'll allow you eliminate a step (and your need for a colander) so frying things on the stove won't ~drain~ away so much of your time.

    the scooper pulling and draining fried shrimp out of oil

    Look at you, all ready to become a master chef!

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