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    27 Pieces Of Clothing That Will Pretty Much Never Go Out Of Style

    And yes, the headline is meant to be read in the voice of the poet T. A. Swift.

    Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women's.

    1. A strappy midi dress with pockets that's pretty much the textbook definition of the perfect sundress and would make a stylish summer uniform for years to come.

    2. A leopard-print button-down, because leopard is not a trend — it's a neutral, a staple, and a way of life — and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

    3. A practically perfect cap-sleeve LBD befitting a timeless beauty such as yourself.

    A model wearing the knee-length dress

    4. Stretchy, button- and zipper-free bootcut pants that are clearly a timeless work wardrobe staple, but are so comfy you'll want to wear them outside of the office too.

    5. A chic belted dress appropriate for so many occasions, from work to future parties, it'll pretty much save you from saying "I have nothing to wear" ever again.

    6. A polished and practical pencil skirt that actually has stretch, so you won't be desperate to get out of it ~write~ away when you get home.

    A model wearing the knee-length skirt in black

    7. An oversized cardigan with classic cable-knit details sure to become your new close-knit BFF. Listen, if it looks like something your grandpa would wear (in a good way) that's good indicator its style stands the test of time.

    8. A cap-sleeve faux-wrap dress for a warm-weather take on the iconic fashion silhouette.

    9. A simple but unbelievably versatile long-sleeved T-shirt dress that seems basic, but is there anything basic about over 7,000 positive reviews? Didn't think so.

    A reviewer wearing the black dress styled three ways: under a blazer, with a shawl, and with a scarf and jewelry

    10. A fit-and-flare dress with flirty ruffled sleeves that I could totally see a Disney princess (be she from the thirties or the 2010s) twirling in as she serenades the birds and squirrels.

    11. A classy tie-neck blouse that feels like the kind of thing Coco Chanel would have in her closet instead of a plain white tee.

    A model wearing the flowy, short-sleeved top in white

    12. A sleek V-neck T-shirt dress, which is so simple, but you can make it work for pretty much any season or vibe with different accessories and layers.

    13. A striped, Peter Pan-collar top that screams "Parisian chic" and will still leave you with plenty of funds left for a fancy bottle of French wine to go with it. Just don't spill!

    14. A go-to jean jacket to top off dresses, skirts, shorts, jumpsuits, and yes, even other jeans (just make sure they're a different wash). And if you ever DO get bored with this baby? Personalize it with some patches or pins.

    A model wearing the medium-wash jacket, which hits at the top of the hip

    15. A vintage-y polka dot midi skirt you may not take off all spring and summer long. And in the fall and winter? Yeah, it still works with tights, booties, and a pleather jacket.

    16. A classic bandage dress that'll work for pretty much everything on your social calendar for the rest of time (when we go back to having social calendars, that is) and is the perfect ~first aid~ for your intense craving for fancy designer dresses.

    17. High-waisted white linen shorts, which pretty much scream summer. Can you hear them?

    A model wearing the shorts, which hit at the upper/mid thigh

    18. A princess-worthy midi skirt with over 2,000 positive reviews that'll become a wardrobe staple no matter your style. Preppy? Glam? Minimal? Like Phineas and Ferb, this skirt is gonna do it all.

    19. A soft, three-quarter-sleeve blazer that's as essential as its more structured cousins, but way comfier.

    20. A slightly cropped pastel plaid blouse with ruffle details that are of-the-moment, but in a print that's been in vogue (and will continue to be, IMHO) for literal centuries.

    A model wearing the long-sleeve lavender, white, and reddish-brown plaid top

    21. A summery stretch linen-blend shift dress (with pockets!!!) you'll love just as much on its own as with a belt and jewelry. Yeah, it's that effortlessly chic.

    22. A sexy and minimal one-piece swimsuit made from recycled polyester, because being eco-friendly is always fashionable.

    23. An everyday utility jacket with plenty of pockets, because if pockets EVER go out of style I think clothes should just be cancelled.

    A model wearing the jacket in olive. It has snaps and a zipper and hits at the hips

    24. A posh collarless coat I could honestly see fitting right in on a starlet in a classic movie, but also on your commute for falls and winters to come.

    25. A retro-inspired tie-neck top with flowy sleeves that's timeless and professional but anything but bow-ring.

    26. A cheerful summer shirtdress bedecked with a rainbow of florals for a look that is fresh and fun but so not fast fashion.

    27. A high-fashion plaid linen vest for when it's too hot for a blazer but you want something equally as polished and profesh to pull your outfit together.

    A model wearing the hip-length grey vest, which has pockets and two buttons

    All of these pieces showing the ever-changing trend cycle who's boss:

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