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    20 Of The Best Life Hacks People Have Ever Heard

    Brb, attaching a hair tie to my keys so I never lose them in my purse again.

    We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about the absolute best life hacks they know. Here are the game-changing results.

    1. Sprinkle some baking soda on your carpet before vacuuming to keep your rug smelling fresh.

    2. Slice two out of three sides of a triangle into a moving box, then push the loose piece inward — voila, instant handle!

    3. Before you paint your nails, swipe some Elmer's Glue around the sides and let it dry. Once you're done with your DIY mani, just peel off the dried glue along with any polish mistakes!

    4. Then, once your digits are looking fab, dry them in a flash by spritzing some cooking spray on them from a few inches away (not too close or your fingers will get all greasy).

    5. When your mani has come to the end of its life, get every last drop of polish off your nails by soaking pieces of cotton in remover and making lil' nail wraps.

    6. Color-coding isn't just for notes — use different colors of common household items like toothbrushes and towels to prevent mix-ups, especially if you have kiddos.

    7. If your zipper is stuck, rub it with pencil lead to loosen it.

    8. Recycle all your empty wrapping paper rolls after the holidays by using them to store Christmas lights. This trick will also prevent you from ending up like Sabrina here next December:

    9. Rub out pesky deodorant stains with a dryer sheet.

    10. Slip on some rubber gloves to ~get a grip~ on a tough-to-open jar.

    11. Loop a keyring or bent paper clip through your zipper and around your jeans' button to avoid an XYZPDQ situation.

    12. lf you (like Mia Thermopolis) get anxious when public speaking, look at the crowd's eyebrows instead of their eyes. That way, you'll look like you're still engaging with them but your view will be less intimidating.

    13. Take class notes directly on index cards so you'll have flash cards ready to go when it's time to study for the exam.

    14. To delay a full-on ugly cry at a less-than ideal time, just look up (literally, but metaphorically might help to).

    15. Hack your way to the perfect PB&J by putting a layer of peanut butter on both the top and the bottom slices of bread first.

    16. Attach a hair tie to your keys to make both everyday carry must-haves easier to keep handy.

    17. Fun fact: the stem of a banana is actually the bottom, so peel it from the other end to show off your fruit knowledge to all your friends (and make less of a mess)!

    18. Use Dawn dish soap for more than just plates and silverware — it's great for grease stains on fabric too!

    19. Repurpose a worn-out pair of tights by cutting off the legs so just the crotch part is left, then use that piece layered OVER another pair of tights to keep them from sagging. It's 2020 and we are saying NO to droopy crotches.

    20. Finally, try toothpaste to scrub permanent marker stains off of walls. Not so permanent now, huh?

    You, living your best life with these top tips from fellow readers:

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