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    Your Next Move Will Be So Much Easier With These 16 Packing Hacks

    Prevent breaks, spills, and the general chaos that usually comes with moving.

    1. Before you pack anything, put together an overnight bag of essentials.

    2. Pre-cook, then pack a bunch of frozen meals into a cooler so you can put off grocery shopping for a while without blowing a bunch of money on takeout.

    Meal-prepped frozen meals are essential for moving because you can just pop them in the microwave. No cooking supplies required. Just don't forget to stick the meals in the freezer as soon as you arrive so they don't get lost in the shuffle! Get the recipe here.

    3. Pack dishes on their sides to keep them safe and to fit a few more in the box.

    Tiger Souvannakoumane / Via

    Wrap each dish in packing paper and stack them in the box like records. Learn more here.

    4. Use colored tape to quickly identify where each box belongs.

    Tiger Souvannakoumane / Via

    Yellow for living room, pink for bedroom, green for kitchen, etc. Make a cheat sheet that indicates which color corresponds with each room if you're worried about confusing them. Learn more here.

    5. Or number each box so you can inventory the contents in each.

    This system is as simple as it is clever. Each room is assigned a set of 100 (100 for the living room, 200 for the kitchen, etc.), then each box gets a number within that set. You can unpack one box at a time instead of opening every box to find what you're looking for. Learn more here.

    6. Carry your wrapping paper in a garment bag so you can bring it all with you without crushing it in the process.

    It's not like you can just stick it in a box. Hang the garment bag in the coat closet when you arrive. It's a perfect storage solution as well as a genius moving hack. Learn more here.

    7. Tape the bag of small parts to the furniture so nothing gets lost in the process.

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    When everything's reassembled, tape the instructions or the Allen key to the bottom of the furniture so you don't have to sort through a bunch of random clutter to find either when you need them.

    8. Get a few different sized boxes so you can pack heavy items in the small ones and light items in larger ones.

    9. Pull a garbage bag over your clothes so you can keep them on their hangers.

    Tiger Souvannakoumane / Via

    On the off chance something spills in one of the boxes or you get stuck moving on a rainy day, the bags will also protect your clothing from water damage and stains.

    10. Make a to-do list for friends or family members who are willing to help out.


    It's a true gift when people offer to help you move. But if you don't have a solid plan going in, having a bunch of people asking you what they need to do in the middle of all that chaos can end up causing you even more stress. Make a plan in advance so everyone has their individual tasks and can get everything done in the knick of time.

    11. Cut handles out of the sides of any heavy boxes, to make picking them up a lot easier.

    12. Put plastic wrap between the bottle and the screw top so can hold onto opened toiletries without risking a leak.

    Tiger Souvannakoumane / Via

    Plastic wrap (or press and seal!) should be #1 on your list of supplies — you can use it to pack salt shakers, prevent your jewelry from getting tangled, and keep drawers tightly in their frames. Learn more here.

    13. Take photos of electronic wiring so it's not quite as confusing as it was the first time around.

    14. And keep all of your cords in toilet paper rolls so you don't have to add "untangle wires" to the to-do list.

    Label each roll with the wire's function so you can set everything up without comparing each to figure out what goes in which port. Learn more here.

    15. Wrap breakables in socks, bedsheets, and towels to cut bubble wrap out of your list of expenses.

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    Moving is expensive, so you definitely want to cut corners wherever you can. Learn more here.

    16. And make your bed first so you can just conk out whenever you're too exhausted to keep going.

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