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The 50 Worst Things On The Internet In 2017

It was a great year for terrible things. This post is NSFW and NSFL.

1. This playlist.

2. Thicc Mr. Krabs.

3. This inventive nipple piercing.

4. This incredibly enthusiastic Hot Topic shopper.


5. This guy who transferred a Rainbow Dash figurine from one jar of cum to another, larger jar of cum.

View this video on YouTube

6. This ad for an egg freezing company.

my mother sent me this image from an egg-freezing company (her research area) with the subjectline "am I alone in t…

7. Menstrual Cuphead.

8. Smash Mouth enthusiastically supporting the giving of oral sex.

9. "Masking."

Someone just told me about a fetish called MASKING where people make female celebs look like “the mask”

10. These tiny hands and what they're doing.

11. This condom pancake.

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12. The story of "garlic cock man."

13. This fidget spinner butt plug.

14. This sweet photo of people holding hands.

15. The sex robot that got broken at a tech conference.

16. This Pennywise butt art.

17. This tattoo of Pickle Rick in a vagina.

18. The guy on 4chan who posted a recipe for "Sleepytime Chicken."

19. The girl who used her boyfriend's balls as a beauty blender.

i think i started a new instagram makeup trend

20. Pikachu speaking like a person.

Hi, I am just learning that Pikachu speaks English in the new Pokemon movie and, yes, it is extremely fucking weird

21. The dude who really wants to fuck the granny queen from A Bug's Life.

22. Anime girls with real human teeth photoshopped on.

23. Meat cubes.

24. This American shero who buttchugged Mountain Dew.

25. The husband who used a menstrual cup to measure rice.

26. Airbrushed Steve Buscemi.

27. This sexy emoji chain text about the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation.

28. This man looking for love.

29. This piece of Blue's Clues fan art.

30. What this guy did to an animatronic Elvis.

31. This very unorthodox way to go the bathroom.

32. The botched eye tattoo.

33. The guy from r/incels who doesn't smile at girls.

34. This pro-life Zootopia furry fanfic.

In case you didn’t think the internet could get any weirder - I discovered there’s a Zootopia pro life fanfic comic

Via Twitter: @emunn

35. #AltFurry

Always be yourself and never let anyone change you, forever and always furry. Thanks to everyone and the #AltFurry…

36. This very bad item sold on Amazon.

37. Kirby without shoes.

38. The Hamburger Helper glove's skeleton.

well that's enough internet for today

39. Guy Fieri dabbing with his sons.

40. The felt woman.

41. This incredibly informative comic about cuckolding.

42. The guy who wanted a picture of Thomas the Tank Engine made of flesh.

43. This "cool pic."

44. This man freaking out over McDonald's not carrying Rick and Morty Szechuan sauce.

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45. Pregnant Clippy.

46. This fidget spinner trick.

47. This Fleshlight attached to a car exhaust pipe.

48. This Donald Trump x Sonic Mpreg.

49. This pro–net neutrality message that's also furry vore.

50. This fidget spinner.