13 Things I Learned At The Spring Toy Showcase

The Time to Play Spring Showcase is a toy expo where toy companies show off their new wares. I learned almost nothing.

1. The Iron Man LEGO doesn’t actually look like Robert Downey Jr.:

2. They weren’t giving out samples of Icee:

3. Bratz has a line of bald dolls (a portion of proceeds goes to a cancer charity)

4. This guy let me take a photo of him wearing the new “Batman: Dark Knight Rises” mask:

5. This guy wouldn’t let me take a photo of him demonstrating the new Super Soaker

6. Australia’s answer to Justin Bieber, Cody Simpson, has his own singing doll:

7. A skateboard with disco lights underneath will earn you zero cred:

8. This is what someone thinks The Rock in the new G.I. Joe movie looks like:

9. This is what they think Bruce Willis looks like:

10. This is an Angry Birds board game:

11. The Battleship toy for the movie “Battleship” does NOT include a Rihanna lego-person:

12. Hulk hands aren’t really as big as you’d think:

13. There are Tootsie Roll scented stick-on nails, and I wish they made them in adult sizes:

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