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Jun 2020
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    katiemorag94 commented on Women Who Were Diagnosed With ADHD Later In Life, What Was Your Experience Like?

    Kept getting suggested these videos and it made me wonder so I went to my doctor and got referred to a psychiatrist. As a result I’ve been on medication and it’s made such a huge difference to my life, I feel like I’m finally on my way to being the person I always strived to be 💕… 

    2 months ago

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    katiemorag94 commented on Have You Ever Had A Bizarre Paranormal Encounter That Turned You From A Skeptic Into A Believer?

    I half woke up one night when I was about 9/10 years old to see a man standing at the end of my bed. I knew it couldn’t be my dad as this person was taller than him and I could see medals on his chest. I must’ve fell back asleep but when I told my dad about it the next day, he went… 

    3 months ago

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    katiemorag94 commented on If You're A Woman And Don't Want Kids, I Want To Hear Why

    I don’t want to bring a child into the world with it being the way it is at the moment. The climate crisis is only going to get worse if something isn’t done soon and I don’t want the guilt of bringing a human into that. Also, having been around babies and children for my teenage… 

    5 months ago

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