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Have You Ever Had A Bizarre Paranormal Encounter That Turned You From A Skeptic Into A Believer?


There's no denying that there are some things in this world we can't explain.

creepy shadow hand reaching out
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Sometimes, you live through an encounter that's so bizarre and chilling that the skepticism leaves your body and you become a believer in the paranormal.

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Maybe you were babysitting for some family friends and decided to watch TV after putting the kids to bed. You were sitting on the couch when you started hearing a strange tapping sound behind you. You turned around and saw a dark shadow figure dart into the kitchen. You knew the family didn't have any pets, so your heart started pounding. You ran after the figure, but it disappeared. The only thing it left behind was a putrid, rotten smell.

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Perhaps you were staying with your parents and had a horrible nightmare about someone breaking in. You woke up in such a panic that you decided to go make sure the house was secured. You walked out of your room and saw both your parents in the hall. You started talking and realized you all had the same dream. Your dad ran downstairs to check the backdoor, then started screaming to call the police. He scared off a man in a dark hood who was hovering at the door, about to break in.

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Or maybe you were having a really hard time after your grandmother passed away. You tried desperately to find the gold bracelet she'd given you for your last birthday, but you couldn't find it anywhere. You were so heartbroken about losing that piece of her that you cried and started saying, "Please let me find it. I can't lose this." Suddenly, you heard something metallic hit the floor. You turned around, and there was the bracelet, right at your feet.

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Have you ever had a totally bizarre paranormal encounter that you just can't explain? Were you once a skeptic, but now you're a believer? Whatever your story is, we want to hear it! Tell us about your experience in the comments. The best stories will be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post!