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16 Female TV Characters Who Were Cyberbullied In 2013

It's hard to be a woman on television without the internet saying horrible and disgusting things about you. From Skyler White to Dana Brody to Hannah Horvath, let's look at how these female characters were disparaged this year.

1. Skyler White, Breaking Bad

And we've got to do better than this.

2. Dana Brody, Homeland

3. Quinn Perkins, Scandal

Another tough one. Scandal hasn't really known what to do with Quinn since it cleared up the mystery of her importance in the show's arc in the first half of Season 2. After that, Scandal's creator Shonda Rhimes has used Quinn to advance some interesting, disturbing ideas about violence-as-addiction, with Quinn (Katie Lowes) and Huck (Guillermo Díaz) mirroring each other. Quinn's part in that hasn't been successful for me, but I see what Rhimes is doing.

From what I gather, though, a lot of fans have grown to hate her. And therefore, in the Dec. 5 episode, when Huck tortured Quinn for betraying Olivia, Quinn haters had some things to cheer.

I mean, they literally cheered.

It's troubling to me.

We could watch Huck torture Quinn ALL DAY LONG. #Scandal.



We could watch Huck torture Quinn ALL DAY LONG. #Scandal.

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4. Megan Draper, Mad Men

It's also pretty awful that if you try to Google Jessica Paré, "teeth" is the first suggestion.

5. Betty Francis, Mad Men

6. Jasmine Trussell, Parenthood

Like, here's a typical message board comment:

I'm with you, Jasmine.

7. Juliette Silverton, Grimm

And how awful are Google's suggestions for those searching for information about Bitsie Tulloch?

8. Sansa Stark, Game of Thrones

In other words...

9. Andrea, The Walking Dead

If I do hate Andrea, I hope I express it differently from this GIF, which is called "What I think Andrea has turned into on The Walking Dead."

And this one, too, which was named "My reaction when Andrea from The Walking Dead died."

10. Debra Morgan, Dexter

Not every meme was unsympathetic to poor Deb's sad decline. Like this one.

But most of them made fun of her derp face.

11. April Kepner, Grey's Anatomy

Though she's not my favorite, I don't choose to mock her face or voice. And I'm glad that there are viewers who feel this way.

12. Laurel Lance, Arrow

Because most Laurel haters seem to fixate on Cassidy's looks. In particular, on the question of whether she's gotten plastic surgery.

13. Norrie Calvert-Hill, Under the Dome

What I'm saying is: Stop this sort of thing immediately.

14. Emma Hill, The Following

15. Emily Thorne/Amanda Clarke/"Fauxmanda," Revenge

Fauxmanda ended up dead, a victim of the meandering Revenge plot. Which is fine; it happens.

But headlines such as's "The B*tch Had It Coming" are emblematic of misplaced blame. It wasn't Fauxmanda's fault, internet!

16. Hannah Horvath, Girls