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The 50 Best TV Quotes Of 2013

From Pete Campbell's sarcastic retort to the best "YOLO" of the year, here's a look back at 2013's most quotable television moments. Presented in no particular order.

The 28 Most Memorable Movie Posters Of 2013

Some posters are memorable because they are stunning examples of how a single, arresting image can pull you in. Some posters are memorable because they make you curse Photoshop and all it has wrought upon the Earth.

The 19 Best Horror Films Of 2013

In discussions of the year's best film, it's easy for horror to get overlooked. Here are 19 of the genre's best offerings in 2013.

34 Characters We Loved In Film And TV In 2013

There were plenty of standout characters who elevated the movies and shows they were in this year. Here are our favorites, and the actors who portrayed them. In no particular order!

7 Times TV Made Me Cry In 2013

From a Downton Abbey death to a prime episode of Parenthood, see which moments landed on my second annual report! Warning: SPOILERS AHEAD!

The 16 Best New Television Shows Of 2013

Yes, returning shows like Breaking Bad, Mad Men, The Good Wife, Borgen, Parenthood, and others were aces this year. But this is all about the newcomers.

The 15 Best TV Title Sequences Of 2013

Visually stunning and refreshingly witty opening credits may have been disappearing from television, but many new shows brought the art form back this year.

The 27 Movies We Loved In 2013

This was such an unusually fantastic year for film that we couldn't pare down our list to just 10. Here are the movies that made BuzzFeed Entertainment laugh, cry, gasp, swoon, and fall in love.

12 Objects That Defined The Year In Television

From Breaking Bad's stevia packet to Girls' Q-tip, here are some of the pivotal objects that sum up scripted television in 2013. SPOILER ALERT for a ton of shows if you're not caught up. You’ve been warned.

The 17 Best Movie Soundtracks Of 2013

From Frances Ha to Frozen, these films were accompanied by the best music this year.

The 26 Best Ugly Cries On TV In 2013

Eat your heart out, Dawson Leery. Warning: SPOILERS AHEAD if you're not caught up on your favorite shows.

The 29 Hottest TV Hook-Ups Of 2013

From Nick and Jess on New Girl to Nolan and Patrick on Revenge, here are the kisses and couples that excited us most this year.

44 Movies You Probably Missed In 2013, But Definitely Need To See

Sure, you saw Catching Fire and Iron Man 3, and Oscar contenders are important. But there were many great flicks that didn't get attention this year.

The 23 Biggest Film And TV Disappointments Of 2013

Some of the year's lousiest movies and TV shows were the ones we were looking forward to the most.

16 Female TV Characters Who Were Cyberbullied In 2013

It's hard to be a woman on television without the internet saying horrible and disgusting things about you. From Skyler White to Dana Brody to Hannah Horvath, let's look at how these female characters were disparaged this year.

Television May Be Embracing Gay Characters, But Where Is The Same-Sex Intimacy?

While LGBT representation went down slightly in 2013, the bigger problem is how LGBT characters were portrayed. With displays of same-sex affection so invisible, gay characters just aren't on the same footing as their heterosexual counterparts.

18 Breakout Stars Of 2013, According To The Internet

A look back at the actors and actresses who dominated Tumblr and Twitter this past year.

The 15 Most Successful Original Films Of 2013

They aren't sequels, prequels, remakes, or adaptations of novels, comic books, or fairy tales — but they did make money.

Television In 2003 Vs. 2013

The more TV changes, the more it stays the same.

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