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    24 Ways To Organize A Tiny Kitchen That'll End Up Making A Big, Big Difference

    Small kitchen? These tips, tricks, and products make it no problem.

    1. Save that important counter real estate by tossing your room temp-friendly produce in a hanging basket. Now whether you eat it before it goes bad is a different story.

    Three-tiered hanging basket displayed in a kitchen holding three different types of fruit in each basket

    2. Find a new place for your coffee mugs (that always end up consuming sooo much space) by hanging a cute wood shelf with hooks and compartments.

    The wooden shelf hanging on the wall with mugs stored in its cubbyholes

    3. Declutter your pantry from the half-empty boxes and random chip bags by trading them in for air-tight food containers. This is some Instagram-level organization that gets my blood pumping!!!

    4. Try your hand at a DIY project that'll give you trendy kitchen storage for all your utensils. I mean, this is too cute not to add to your kitchen, right?!

    Three rods holding pretty cylinder containers with different utensils inside

    5. Keep all those unorganized cans in one easily accessible place with a beverage dispenser. It holds 12 12-ounce cans so you can keep one in the pantry for soups and other canned goods!

    Soda can rack placed in fridge to easily organizer cans, There are two tiers so it can fit 12 cans

    6. Hang up a magnetic knife strip to give your packed drawers some relief and more room for other utensils.

    A magnetic strip holding a collection of knives and other magnetic tools on a wall

    7. Get your sink a roll-up drying rack that you and your DRY countertops will be thrilled to have around. And for those with minimal cooking space, this can be used for washing veggies!

    A drying rack placed over the sink with cups on top. The rack can easily break down and fold up for convenient storage.

    8. Utilize even the teeniest of spaces with a narrow storage unit that you can slip into a narrow crevice or convenient area, and then slide out when you need something because it has WHEELS! It hardly takes up any space, yet holds so much. #Blessed.

    9. Add a small wine glass holder under your cabinets to store your finest stemware. You're about to have so much empty room in your cabinets, you won't even know what to do with it all!

    A metal wine glass holder installed under a cabinet with several wine glasses hanging from it upside down

    10. Organize your never-ending collection of water (...and wine) bottles with a stackable drink vessel rack. This will help you actually see everything and ensure no bottle gets lost in the black hole that is the back of a cabinet.

    A water bottle rack holding six water bottles with space left over

    11. Give your dish-cleaning supplies their own tidy home in your sink courtesy of this small (but mighty) caddy. It'll hang on the side of your sink and hold your brushes, sponges, and cloths.

    A wire mesh kitchen sink caddy hanging on the sink and holding dishwashing brushes and a sponge

    12. Treat your cluttered cabinets to a total makeover with a six-piece six-piece organizer set. It'll give you a solution to all your storage woes because it comes with three helper shelves and a spice, wrap, and pan rack — basically everything you need to have the most orderly kitchen of your life.

    A cabinet organizer set with different racks for organizing dishes, pot lids, spices, and baggies

    13. Use a pull-down spice rack that can store up to 24 (!!!) bottles and comes with labels so you can always find exactly what you're looking for. Ooh, I am excited just thinking about how much ~thyme~ you're going to save!

    14. Put an end to Tupperware lid madness by storing them in a handy bin designed to keep them upright. Imagine living in a world where you can open up your cabinet and not be attacked by a waterfall of crashing lids!

    The organizer holding storage container lids of all sizes and shapes

    15. Tidy up your fridge and freezer (and then keep it that way) by storing food in this clear storage container. Consider this your new way to keep track of everything in your fridge — no more moldy leftovers hiding in the back, stinking up the place.

    A clear container holding several condiment bottles

    16. Easily access your pots and pans with the best invention ever: this standing rack. May you never again shout another profane word from trying to remove one pot just to have them all tumbled out on you.

    A five-tiered rack to hold a variety of frying pans

    17. Or if you need to save the limited room you have for other things, you can hang your small pans on a wall-mount organizer. It comes with handy accessories (like hooks for pans) that'll give you quick access to all your kitchen essentials.

    A metal shelf on a wall. with shelves for pots and hooks with pans hanging off of it

    18. Add some much needed function to any cabinet with a pull-out shelf system. When you need something, just slide out so you can see EVERYTHING, grab, and you're done. Ahhh, so easy.

    The cabinet organizer filled with cleaning supplies, pulled out from its stand

    19. Keep on takin' advantage of ALL the cabinet doors in your kitchen and use an over-the-door-organizer for holding a variety of things like cutting boards, cleaners, and cooking sprays. Get creative people, the kitchen is your oyster!

    20. And for the other door, hang a shopping bag holder because we're all adults here and it's time to stop shoving them in the back of your cabinets.

    21. Give your messy drawer the makeover it deserves with a simple DIY project you can handle, promise. All you need is a pegboard, some dowels, and a few craft supplies!

    Kitchen drawer pulled out with wooden pegs on a peg board, organizing a bunch of containers and lids

    22. 🗣🗣 Recycle the tea boxes taking over your pantry and replace them with THIS: The ultimate tea organizer that can hold up to 100 bags!!!

    The tea organizer with several small drawers that each hold up to 20 bags of tea

    23. Trade up any old, bulky measuring spoons for a set of magnetic stackable ones. These are double sided and stick together — and hey we already savin' space here, folks!

    The set of measuring spoons holding different amounts of different ingredients

    24. And lastly, place Lazy Susan turntables in the corners of your pantry to transform it into a tidy wonderland where you can *actually* find the things that get pushed to the back just to never be seen again!

    Let's celebrate your very tidy, organized kitchen!

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