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    31 Products That Are So Dang Clever, You'll Wish You Invented Them

    Why didn't I think of these first???

    1. This dog-walking cap with built-in LED lights that'll be an absolute blessing on those late-night (or early morning) dog walks. The LED lights are mounted on the brim, so you can see where you're going — and not accidentally step in Fido's poops.

    2. This anti-soggy cereal bowl that'll help keep your cereal crispy and crunchy, right down to the last bite. Put your milk in one side, and cereal in the other and combine at will! It's also fantastic as an easy chip-and-dip bowl!

    3. An identity theft prevention stamp that'll block out your sensitive information whenever you toss bills, receipts, or mail in the trash. Protecting your privacy is as easy as rolling the stamp over the info you'd like to hide. No, really!

    4. This bench scrape that will help any chef (experienced or novice) scrape and scoop all their ingredients into a pot without making a mess. I love that it has a textured grip, so it won't slip out of your hand if you're covered in sauce or food debris. And you can just throw it in the dishwasher when you're done! Easy-peasy.

    5. This extra-large sport umbrella that'll help you make the most of the outdoors this season. It'll help keep the sun out of your eyes, sure, but the convenience doesn't stop there. The tethered side panels are awesome at blocking out wind or rain, so you never have to worry about inclement weather ruining your day.

    6. This awesome three-way hairspray that lets you customize your hold with just a twist of a knob. Never again will you have a sticky, stiff coif! And it's great for all hair types and styles — I use this to get a bit of lift on my pixie when it's feeling a bit long and weighed down, or I dial up the hold when I want to create a more dramatic look.

    7. These wristbands that'll help mitigate sea and motion sickness in kids and adults alike. This drug-free method uses gentle acupressure to help ease all manner of nausea — even morning sickness.

    8. These cedar clothes protectors and moth repellants, so you don't have to stress that your out-of-season clothing has turned into a snack for bugs. There's nothing worse than pulling out your favourite sweater, only to find it's been munched on.

    9. Some interlocking drawer organizers that'll help keep all your knickknacks in order. Each modular piece snaps onto the others, so you can switch and swap things around as you need. And since each kit contains boxes of varying length and width, you'll find a home for just about anything.

    10. This neat little electric foot file that'll help get your tootsies feeling softer than a baby's bum. Instead of sloughing off tough skin by hand, this baby does all the work for you — plus, it actually collects all the debris, instead of letting it fly around like sawdust made of human skin.

    11. This purifying cap that'll sanitize the contents of your water bottle using powerful UV rays. This USB-rechargeable lid shoots disinfecting light into the depths of your bottle, killing 99.99% of all viruses and bacteria. It lasts for up to a week on a single charge, too!

    12. These awesome webcam covers that'll fit on basically all your devices and keep you protected from hackers and weird peeping Toms. While there are literally millions of different versions of this product online, I love that these are designed to install only once — they have a handy slider that allows you to use your camera when you want to, and protect your privacy when you don't.

    13. This anti-chafe stick that'll help protect your skin from rubbing and irritation. This allergen-free miracle will make things like blisters and raw, red skin a problem of the past. Just swipe it on wherever you need and get on with your day.

    14. These bag holders that'll make it easier than ever to meal prep. Gone are the days where your hands are covered in sauce and chicken juice, and the ziplock won't open, and you try to pry it open with your teeth. Just pop your bags in the holder. That's it. It really can be that simple.

    15. This DIY fermentation crock that'll help you create delicious fermented goods right at home. It's ridiculously easy to use, too: Just pop the veggies in the crock, pour in the brine, affix the lid, and leave to ferment.

    16. This waterproof portable clothes washer, so you can get your clothing clean as a whistle (without using an actual washing machine). Just drop in some water and detergent, and give your dirty duds a shake. The watertight seal prevent spills and messes, and makes it easy to rinse and repeat as necessary.

    17. A pocket-sized espresso maker that makes brewing a hot, delicious cup of espresso easy, peasy, coffee squeezy. It's designed to be completely portable — and you don't need any electricity or batteries, either.

    18. These self-watering plant pots that use a cotton rope uptake system to not only eliminate the need for daily waterings, but also keep you from drowning your plants. They're an awesome item to have if you're still new to plant parenthood, or if your leafy babies are the finicky kinds.

    19. This protective makeup sponge holder that will give you a safe place to keep your damp sponge blender. The ventilated design allows it to dry in no time, without getting the rest of your products gross and gunky.

    20. This beard and hair straightening brush that's specially designed to easily style hair and to smooth unruly beards. With two temperature settings, it can be customized for different hair types and styles, while the rubber bristles keep hair from getting accidentally ~singed~.

    21. This quick pop maker, so you can whip up some tasty frozen treats this summer — in as little as seven minutes. This baby is absolutely BONKERS! All you need to do is toss it in the freezer until it's solid, and then you can reuse it up to three times (!!!) before it's time to refreeze again.

    22. Some farfalloni pot grips that will help protect your hands from kitchen ouchies, and look cute as hell doing it. Reviewers love them, too, saying they work perfectly, and are especially useful for pots with steel or cast iron handles.

    23. A pocket-sized microscope, because sometimes a regular old magnifying glass just isn't enough. This handheld wonder is incredibly powerful, making it a great item to have on hand when you're doing detail work around the house. Have little tots who are budding scientists? This is a great entry-level 'scope to help fuel their passions!

    24. This twist-up lotion bar stick that's small and incredibly easy to use. The natural formula means you probably won't have an allergic reaction, either! Plus, unlike other lotions, this one won't leak out all over your bag.

    25. This shirt folding board that'll help you work smarter, not harder. It will transform that ever-growing pile of clothes on your clothes chair (we all have one) into a neat, fresh-smelling stack worthy of Marie Kondo.

    26. This awesome baking pan that ensures you always get the delicious crispy edge of the brownie. The serpentine pan has one continuous chamber for easy filling, too! Dessert is served.

    27. These indexed plastic cutting boards that are labelled for a different raw food to prevent cross contamination. They fit neatly into a plastic storage case, too, to help keep your counter space neat and uncluttered.

    28. This chic mug warmer that'll keep your fave drinks hot and look great doing it. All you need is a wall socket and a cup of steaming deliciousness — it's even great for keeping a mug of soup toasty during the colder months.

    29. A vibrating hair straightener, because life is too short to not have fabulous hair. The rounded ceramic plates keep from pulling or tugging hair, making this a great tool to use for straightening OR curling. The vibrating feature might seem like a gimmick, but I promise you, IT'S NOT.

    30. These nutrient-dense fertilizer spikes that will keep your greenery happy and healthy (even when you forget to water them). They can even help revive those on the verge of death, and save you from unnecessary plant funerals.

    31. And finally, this USB-powered fabric shaver that will protect your sweaters, socks, blankets, and scarves from pilling. A quick once-over with this handy tool will make them all look like new!

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