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    If You Have A Kitchen, You Need To Get This Pull-Down Rack For All Your Spices

    Life hack: This thing is also great for storing eyeshadows, washi tape, and sprinkles.

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    If you've ever spent time in a kitchen, you've probably opened up a spice cabinet just to find a cluttered mess β€” and not the one spice you're actually looking for, of course.


    Even if you're an organized weirdo like I am, spices can be really dang hard to keep in place. And being on the shorter side, if a spice winds up in the back of the cabinet, it's farewell and goodbye to that spice β€” I will never see it again.

    That's why this fancy pull-down spice rack ($20) is an organizer's dream, and I am going to prove it to you.

    It even comes with 48 pre-made labels for common spices, and 48 blank ones you can label on your own. Not only that, but it comes in different sizes that can accommodate 12, 18, 24, and 30 bottles.

    This company really thought of everything and it brings tears to my eyes.

    Evidence piece #1: This thing has over 3,000 reviews and a 4.7-star rating on Amazon. Honestly, I don't know anything on Amazon with ratings like that and perusing is basically my entire job! / TeamDavidAndSarah /

    "I can finally find all of my spices without having to move several out of the way. You know, like when you have to move ten bottles from the shelf just to get to that one random spice in the back of the cabinet that you barely remembered that you even had? This organizer not only holds the standard size spice bottles, but also the medium sized ones, too! I can even add two of the short bottles in one slot! This comes with several labels that you can add to the front of the drawers to help further organize your goods. I am so happy that I went for it and got this organizer. I would definitely recommend this for someone if you have several spices that you don't want to keep on your countertop in those fancy spinny holders that some use. I only have one, but it does look like another one could easily stack on top of this for those who are spice hoards!!" β€”TeamDavidAndSarah

    Evidence piece #2: The pull-down feature helps you easily find whatever you're looking for. Now you can actually remember to use your smoked serrano chili powder that's been sadly neglected in the back!

    L. Maier /

    "The racks are fantastic. I love them to death. They're great overall, and it really helps short people like me since I can't see into the cabinets well (I have them on the second shelf), and this angles everything down (though the labels on the front of the drawers tell me all I need to know!). I love everything about my purchase, and I love this company." β€”Danielle C.

    Ok, I'm done with entering evidence into the court of organization. These photos speak for themselves!

    Aaron R. /

    So πŸ‘ much πŸ‘ neatness! πŸ‘

    "As a spice hoarder, this spice organizer is a total dream. I had 33 spices, (two bottles of cloves, who needs that?) and so I was able to get almost my entire spice collection into this organizer. The labels were great, and covered almost all of my spices. My favorite part is that it came fully assembled! Having just put together a spice mix for a pulled pork recipe, I have to say this has saved me time searching bottle tops and moving jars from most used to least used. Now they are alphabetized and so easy to access. 10/10 highly recommend." β€”Sue Sunday

    These can be used for more than just spices, too β€” like say, SPRINKLES!

    Hollafina25 /

    "I purchased this to store sprinkles and other baking supplies, and not spices, but it worked the same way. The containers I purchased fit in perfectly. The drawers open and close very easily. Not only can I see what I have and access it easily, but I also save space because it has three rows stacked up!" β€”Hollafina25

    Calling all crafters...

    L. J. Morris / / sonia rosado /

    "I bought these not to hold spices but to hold washi tape. They work perfectly for this. I emptied five quart jars and still have tons of space for more (yes, there will be more). The 12-bottle size holds about 100 regular size tapes. And two fit side-by-side in my IKEA unit. So happy with them." β€”L. J. Morris

    And eye shadow collectors!

    Ansley R Niles /

    "Arrived in a timely manner. It was just what I was looking. It's built to last and stands sturdy. This may sound weird but I'm using it to hold all my eyeshadows, and it's the best choice I ever made. Everything is neat and categorized to my liking." β€”Ansley R Niles

    Everything is just *so* organized... I think this may the most functional organizer I've ever laid my eyes upon.

    ASKF /

    "My spices were disorganized and kept getting lost among my dry goods. This is exactly what I needed! I bought the larger one and smaller one β€”Β the sections fit small and larger spices. Very satisfied!" β€”ASKF

    Well, if you couldn't tell already, I am ready to ORGANIZE!


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    Get it from Amazon for $19.99+ (available in four sizes and two colors).

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