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    29 Products From Amazon Canada You Didn’t Know You Needed In Your Life (But Probably Do)

    Gimme all of it.

    1. A water bottle station that'll keep your countless tumblers from knocking over and creating chaos in your cupboard. The shelves have little dips that keep your water bottles firmly in place, so they won't bump into each other. Oh, and it's also great for storing DIY supplies, like rolls of ribbon and balls of yarn.

    2. A pack of cooling gold eye masks that'll help banish dark circles and work magic on fine lines and wrinkles. They’re infused hyaluronic acid, so they'll soothe and moisturize your skin, too.

    3. A pack of transparent cat-scratching shields that'll stop your four-legged friend from destroying your furniture. Reviewers say they're easy to install, super low-key, and even work on leather chairs and sofas.

    4. A tube of epsom salt foot gel that'll soothe your tired and achy tootsies without even getting into a bath. It's packed with aloe vera and cooling mint, so it'll soften your feet and leave them smelling a hundred times better, too.

    5. A Dragon's Den-approved silicone cookie mould that creates 13 uniform biscuits with a single press. If you don't want to bake all your treats immediately, you can store the whole thing in the freezer for later.

    6. A lettering and calligraphy notebook that'll help you soothe your soul with loopy letters and push you in the right direction if your writing looks like chicken scratch. Spend endless hours creating that perfect fancy script, and by the end of the week, you’ll probably be good enough to craft your BFF’s wedding invitations (congrats on your new side hustle).

    7. A mini vacuum cleaner that can tackle petite messes, like crumbs in your keyboard and pencil shavings on your notebook. Reviewers say its suction power is surprisingly strong and that it's great for busting dust.

    8. A roll of stick-on window privacy covering that'll block out harmful UV rays and keep your nosy neighbours from peeping into your home. They're transparent enough to let the light in, so you don't have to live under the cover of darkness at all times.

    9. A set of silicone face-cleansing pads that will gently brush away dirt, grime, and other impurities. Reviewers love how gentle they are and say they can even be used to clean makeup brushes.

    10. A handy slidable tracker that'll remind you to feed your four-legged friend(s). It’s pretty much a must-have for anyone who shares dog duties with a partner or roommate.

    11. A memory foam massage mat that'll take you right to relaxation station by kneading out your entire bod and keeping you toasty warm. Reviewers say it's their secret weapon for back pain and love that they can customize their massages by using the remote.

    12. A bottle of fresh ball spray that'll keep your junk smelling like a woodsy floral bouquet, instead of, well, junk. It'll also keep your nether region fresh, dry, and comfortable, so you may be doing less "adjusting" over the course of your day.

    13. An outlet shelf, so that you can charge your devices and not worry about accidentally stepping on them. It can hold up to 10 lbs, so you can safely store heavier items, like your tools or speakers on it.

    14. A set of Mr. Clean Magic Eraser sheets that'll make cleaning up messes in hard-to-reach places a lot easier. They're more flexible than the OG Magic Eraser, meaning you can get them into tinier nooks and crannies.

    15. A handy eyeliner stamp that'll give you that perfect flick without trying too hard. This set comes with two dual-ended, waterproof pens that have a brush at one end and a stamp at the other (one for your left eye and one for your right).

    16. A set of rainbow crystal nail files that reviewers say cause less breakage than ceramic and metal alternatives and leave your nails feeling smoother than ever. They come with plastic sheaths, so you won't accidentally poke yourself if you leave them floating around in your bag.

    17. A stainless steel fish bar that'll remove smelly cooking odours, like garlic and seafood, from your hands. It doesn't melt down like regular soap, so you can use it over and over again.

    18. A set of silicone freezie moulds, so that you can DIY your own summer treats. If you're above the legal drinking age, these are great for making boozy ice lollies (you're welcome for that amazing idea).

    19. A ventilated laptop stand that'll keep your computer from overheating, even during a long day of surfing and scrolling. You can completely adjust the incline level, so you won't be slouching over your desk while you work (good posture is important, people!).

    20. A tub of SKINFOOD black sugar face mask, an exfoliating mask that will scrub out your pores while restoring nutrients and moisture to your skin. Reviewers love how gentle it is and say it leaves their face feeling softer than a baby's butt.

    21. A memory foam arm rest that attaches right to the centre console of your car to keep you comfortable while you cruise. Reviewers love that it keeps the pressure and strain off their shoulders, and say that it's a lifesaver during long trips.

    22. A divided lasagne pan, so that you can make three different pasta recipes and only end up with one dirty pan. Reviewers say it makes cutting lasagne into equal portions a lot easier, too.

    23. A Kindle Paperwhite, so that you can download every book on your reading list. Not only is this a more eco-friendly option than a paperback, but it allows you to magnify the font and change the boldness of the text, if you're having a hard time making out the words.

    24. A pair of fuzzy slippers that look way more expensive than they actually are and will keep your tootsies comfy you’re lounging around the house. They have anti-slip soles that'll keep you from slidin' all over the place, so you won't take a dive on your hardwood.

    25. A defrosting tray that thaws out food nine times faster than leaving it on your countertop (within 20 to 60 minutes, depending on how rock solid it is). If you're feeling hangry, reviewers say that running hot water over it helps it work even faster.

    26. A heat-resistant silicone mat that's also a travel pouch for your heat tools. Reviewers say it's saved their countertops and that it keeps their straighteners and curlers from rolling around.

    27. A silicone bread maker that acts as both a bowl and a mould for baking. When it's closed, it allows steam to circulate inside, keeping the dough moist and preventing the bread from drying out into a brick.

    28. This budget-friendly nail cream that'll make your talons longer and stronger than ever before. It can also be used to moisturize your hands and dry, calloused feet, if that's something you struggle with.

    29. And finally, a Wilton bake pan set that you can rejig to create different numbers, letters, and shapes. It'll see you through countless birthdays and special occasions, so you'll definitely get your money's worth.

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