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These Romantic Onscreen Moments Will Melt Even The Coldest, Deadest Hearts

"You jump, I jump, right?"

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Hello there! My name is Kat, and I love love. Previously, I got strangers to tell me their beautiful real-life love stories, which was 😍.

But I'm a love junkie, and I wanted MORE! So this week, I asked people to share their favorite romantic scenes from movies and television shows. The responses were just perfect.

I love love, so please tell me your favourite romantic moments from TV and movies. I’ll start: Ben and Leslie’s wed…

Obviously, there's when Rose gets off the rescue boat to return to Jack in Titanic.

@katangus “You jump, I jump, right?” 😭


As is the sweet, supportive romance between Kevin and Captain Holt on Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

@katangus I love everything about this moment in Brooklyn Nine-Nine when Kevin realizes that Raymond *finally* has…

Click here to see all the replies (I dare you not to cry!). And please, if you love love as much as I do, share your favorite romantic pop culture moments in the comments — though I'm unsure if anything's better than the ending to Moonlight.