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    20 Things That Basically Pay For Themselves The Very First Time You Use Them

    Smart little problem-solvers.

    1. A drain millipede, which extracts every last bit of hair and whatever other mysteriously gross gunk lurks below the surface, clogging up your tub and sink drains.

    2. And of course the classic TubShroom because it will prevent that clogged, goopy, hairy horror-scape problem in the first place.

    3. A headlight restoration kit that attaches to your power drill so you can have crystal clear, like-new lights without shelling out for new headlight lenses or so a repair shop can do the same job.

    4. A wine-saver — it's designed keep all your opened bottles fresh for an extra day or two (and up to a full week) so you get to enjoy every last drop of that $20 bottle at its peak, even when a work emergency means you can't finish it that night.

    5. A filtered produce-saver container that actually does keep berries, lettuce, cucumbers, and all sorts of fruits and veg fresh for two full weeks.

    6. A carpet shampooer to give your floors a deep clean that will pretty much rewind the clock to the very day you moved in or installed the carpet (or rugs!). It's a fraction of the price of buying brand *new* carpet/rugs, and once you own it, you can use it whenever you need it, rescuing your soft flooring from stains whenever it gets bad again.

    7. A quart-size cold brew concentrate coffee maker so you can make enough to last for five entire days. If you have just one cup a day, that's enough for a full work week and could help you dodge coffee chains more often.

    8. A wood polish and conditioner — it practically erases damage as if it was never there, to instantly renew things like your antique beside tables that have had one too many water glasses sweat on them overnight.

    9. A self-adhesive door draft stopper — it'll let you stop paying extra $$ on your electricity bill for the hard-earned cold AC air that escapes out to your garage, apartment hallway, or basement.

    10. A pair of anti-nausea bands because you've got a cruise coming up and have no idea how you — or your sibling with a history of motion sickness — will be able to actually enjoy the vacation y'all paid for while contending with a stomach that churns as fiercely as the waves.

    11. A waterproof pouch so you can take your phone swimming, fishing, beaching, tubing, rafting, kayaking, waterpark-ing, and kiddie pool-ing without worrying about it for one second.

    12. A mini white noise machine with non-looping audio because pretty much nothing's more valuable than being well-rested. And this can finally give you the solid night's sleep you deserve, construction, neighbor, and, yes, partner noises be damned.

    13. A handheld fabric defuzzer that will eliminate the pills on all sorts of fabrics after just a few leisurely passes so all your sweaters, pillows, sofa cushions, tees, upholstered chairs, fleece, and slippers can look brand new again...for way less than the price of buying every pilled thing in your home for a second time (lol).

    14. A pineapple slicing tool so you can stop paying that significant markup on precut pineapple *and* still enjoy your favourite fruit, with no more than like, five extra minutes of effort.

    15. A waterproof, heat- and cold-resistant, flexible, moldable glue called Sugru that you can enlist to make dozens of tiny fixes like saving those expensive cables and chargers so they can live to fight another day (or lots of other random little tasks).

    16. A brown sugar bear, so you don't lose any more bags of previously perfectly good brown sugar to the curse of rock-hard-solidificiation (and in fact can revive any brown sugar already in that sorry state!).

    17. A pack of two miniature spatulas — when your expensive foundation's almost gone, they'll be able to extract every last bit of it so a) it doesn't go to waste and b) you'll actually get all your money's worth.

    18. A patented pet hair removing–roller that you simply brush over any fabric surface to pick up any other residual shedding your furry friend leaves in their wake, no paying for bulk packs of adhesive rollers.

    19. A handheld knife sharpener because it will fiercely hone each and every blade you own until they're back to their peak, like-new sharpness that makes it a thousand times easier to slice and dice.

    20. A razor sharpening pad so you can seriously extend the life of each and every one of those pricey cartridges and avoid needing to stock up on them quite so often.

    You, enjoying your new stuff plus all the money it's helping you save: