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Posted on Apr 7, 2017

For Anyone Who Now Has A Crush On Cole Sprouse And Feels Kinda Weird About It

Jughead 4EVA.

1. Let's face it: You're obsessed with Riverdale.

The CW

2. More accurately, you're kinda obsessed with misunderstood loner Jughead, aka Cole Sprouse.

The CW / Via

3. Because as far as you're concerned, Cole Sprouse is the best thing about the show.

The CW

4. You're even sorta into the whole Betty/Jughead romance because of the Sprouse factor (even though in the comic books, Jughead is canonically asexual).

The CW

5. In fact, Cole is pretty much the only reason you're still watching.

Am I only watching "Riverdale" for Cole Sprouse? Probably.

I'm watching riverdale for mother fuckin Cole Sprouse AND COLE SPROUSE'S HOT ASS ONLY

Only jumped on the bandwagon of watching riverdale for cole sprouse not going to lie

6. It's safe to say you have a little bit — or a LOT — of a crush on Cole.

The CW

7. Which, frankly, makes you feel a little bit weird.

Disney Channel

8. Because you still remember him as little Ben from Friends.


9. And as the kid from Big Daddy.

Columbia Pictures

10. And, of course, as Cody from The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

Disney Channel

11. And it's hard to reconcile that with the ~stirrings~ you feel for all-grown-up Cole.

The CW

12. I mean, honestly.

The CW

13. Even though you rationally know that Cole is 24 years old, and therefore an ADULT MAN, you still feel like you're doing something wrong.

Robin Marchant / Getty Images

14. But frankly, you're totally into the whole early-'90s River Phoenix vibe he's got going on right now.

15. Then you realize that you're old enough to remember who River Phoenix is, and you feel weird about your crush on Cole all over again.

16. It certainly doesn't help your crush that he's completely hilarious on Twitter.

2 scoops please, waffle cup, and the smallest goddamn spoon you have. I'm gunna make this orgasm last all night.

"Where's my hug?" he whimpered, further cementing his position on her no hug list.

Show those haters how it's done by hating yourself most.

17. But even if you have conflicting feelings, what are you going to do? Just IGNORE THE PASSAGE OF TIME?

BBC / Via

18. Are you just never going to crush on someone who was once a child? Oh hey, news flash: That includes ~everybody~.

NBC / Via

19. So embrace your crush on Cole Sprouse. Revel it in, even.

The CW / Via

20. Because even though, yes, he once looked like this:

Columbia Pictures

21. He's now a handsome, grown-up man who looks like this, and there's nothing wrong with that:

Dave Kotinsky / Getty Images

22. And, I mean, come on: Just look at that face. How could you ever resist?

The CW
  1. So, are you crushing hard on Cole Sprouse?

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So, are you crushing hard on Cole Sprouse?
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    Hell yes, and I don't care who knows it, ESPECIALLY COLE
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    Yeah, but I'm not going to admit it to anyone
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    No, and I have no idea what you're talking about

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