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31 Delicious Vegan Restaurants Every Canadian Needs To Try

No, it's not just salad.

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We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about some of the best, most delicious vegan restaurants across Canada. Here are some of their favourite places to veg out:

Lola Rosa / Doomies / BuzzFeed Canada

1. Heartwood in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Instagram: @heartwood_restaurant

"They have house wine that is locally made. It's seasonal, so you'll run into more root veggies in the winter and that sort of thing, but they've got a super-cool patio in the summer with fresh organic produce that is to die for! I don't get to go often but I feel refreshed every time I do. Full, satisfied, and with happy taste buds."

—Hannah Brown, Facebook

2. The Sprout in St. John's, Newfoundland

Instagram: @thesproutnl

"I love getting their black bean burritos, and their desserts are fantastic! Vegan options aren't as common in Newfoundland as they are in other parts of the country, so it's great having The Sprout here with an abundance of great food that I can enjoy."

—Shannon Nicole Reid, Facebook

3. Calactus in Moncton, New Brunswick

Instagram: @stephyb2

"It's really small and quaint. A great environment to enjoy lunch or dinner in. My favourite is their lasagna, but I've heard really good things about their nachos, too!"

—Emma Caitlin Foster, Facebook

4. Doomie's in Toronto

Instagram: @doomiestoronto

"Offers vegan comfort foods such as the vegan version of the Big Mac!"


5. The Abbey in Fredericton, New Brunswick

Instagram: @beccarandell

"It’s fairly new, but it’s already insanely popular, and the black bean brownies are to die for! They also offer options to add chicken or shrimp, if you’re maybe going with a friend who isn’t vegan. But even their drinks are vegan, and it's utter perfection."


6. PowerHouse Living in Nanaimo, British Columbia

Instagram: @sweetlyraw

"They have falafel wraps, which are famous. They're amazing! Vegan and gluten-free! They also have a wide range of products, from pizzas to juices and smoothies to vegan Nanaimo bars and burgers."

—Kira Kreiser, Facebook

7. HealthEnut in Georgetown, Ontario, and Milton, Ontario

Instagram: @patafs

"It's a little café that has a great range of vegan and raw food options on its menu. It has tons of food for lunch, and even little desserts for you to choose from."


8. Sushi Momo in Montreal

Instagram: @sushimomomtl

"They do 100% vegan sushi with really flavourful combinations of sauces and veg and tempura. Super delicious and every dish looks beautiful."


9. Apiecalypse Now in Toronto

Instagram: @pizzapiecalypse

"They have the BEST vegan pizza! Especially the Fat Mac pizza! Mmm."

—Alex Melanson, Facebook

10. Boon Burger in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and Barrie, Ontario

Instagram: @melshaps

"It has SO many burger options, as well as pizza, sandwiches, and a bunch of side options. The sesame fries are to die for, both on their own and in the poutine. The burgers themselves are MASSIVE, and we ended up needing to use forks and knives to eat them. They have everything: desserts, soft-serve, take-home options, homemade juices, shirts... The list goes on!"

—Maranda Legge, Facebook

11. Perfection-Satisfaction-Promise in Ottawa

Instagram: @eloisestudentfoodie

"I always end up eating the same thing: baked potato topped half with veggie chili and half with steamed veggies and tahini. There are more options, but I stick with my fave. It also offers great vegan desserts."

—Mélanie Sandrine, Facebook

12. The Coup in Calgary, Alberta

Instagram: @thecoupcalgary

"I have not yet been but their Instagram is SO DROOLWORTHY. I am headed there this weekend."

—Erin Byrnes, Facebook

13. Chau VeggiExpress in Vancouver

Instagram: @chowatchau

"They do mostly vegan Vietnamese/Thai cuisine. From crispy nem to vegan pho and amazing drinks (coconut shakes without added sugar!), it WILL hit the spot. Did I mention they have a selection of homemade dairy-free ice cream and it is DIRT CHEAP?"

—Leanne Racicot, Facebook

14. Padmanadi in Edmonton, Alberta

Instagram: @padmanadi

"Asian vegan food. Very friendly and accommodating owners! Beautiful decor."


15. Asian Stars in Ottawa

Instagram: @asianstars_ottawa

"Asian Stars is a restaurant for both omnivores and veggies alike. They have their own separate vegan menu with over 20 options."

— Kailee MacWilliam, Facebook

16. Lola Rosa in Montreal

Instagram: @lolarosacafe

"Lola Rosa is a vegan/vegetarian restaurant in Montreal. It’s pretty popular. The menu isn’t huge, but they make good food and get it to you pretty quickly. There are multiple locations around the city."


17. Tucos Taco Lounge in Sudbury, Ontario

Instagram: @tucostacolounge

"Tucos Taco Lounge in Sudbury, Ontario, is serving up the best Mexican-inspired vegan cuisine in Northern Ontario — and probably all of Canada! They’re a hip little joint that packs a ton of flavour into their burritos and tacos."


18. Rise Above in St. Catharines, Ontario

Instagram: @riseaboverestaurant

"Rise Above in St. Catherines, Ontario, has the best vegan food. You can get everything from vegan mac 'n' cheese to vegan empanadas."


19. The Wild Leek in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Instagram: @wildleek

"They’re AMAZING, the cakes are to DIE FOR, and their brunches are beyond comparison. I’ve loved everything I’ve ordered from here and it’s so cheap."


20. Bunner's Bake Shop in Toronto

Instagram: @bunner

"They’ve got vegan muffins, cupcakes, brownies, cinnamon rolls, cheesecakes, cookies, and even soft-serve ice cream! They also have savoury items like mac 'n' cheese and veggie pot pie. All vegan and gluten-free! This place is so goooood."


21. Thai Onzon in Cochrane, Alberta

Instagram: @maggie_muggins

"Amazing, delicious, healthy, fresh food, and incredible presentation. And you get a lot of food for a pretty reasonable price! It is all vegetarian/vegan with lots of gluten-free options."

—Leah Marie, Facebook

22. Doug McNish's Public Kitchen in Toronto

Instagram: @dougmcnish

"The flavours, the textures, the plating. This is exquisite, well-thought-out food. Toronto is lucky to have such a talented chef."

—Angela Shintani-Sandrowicz, Facebook

23. Raw Aura in Mississauga, Ontario

Instagram: @veganeatsgta

"It's small and intimate, and has everything from organic smoothies to apps, mains, and desserts. All vegan (and I believe gluten-free) at a really awesome price. I'm not a full-time vegan by any means but I love going there."

—Amber Dowling, Facebook

24. Fresh in Toronto

Instagram: @freshrestaurants

"They make super-healthy vegan food, juices, and smoothies — even the most stubborn of carnivores will love it! They do takeout, delivery, or you can dine in the restaurant, and the staff is always super friendly. It’s the perfect place for a night out with friends or for a date, but it’s also family-friendly and reasonably priced. They have such a diverse menu that appeals to everyone, and it’s not intimidating at all for people who aren’t familiar with vegan fare. "


25. Naked Cafe in Kelowna, British Columbia

Instagram: @nakedcafe

"It’s always crazy busy and they serve the best food in the Okanagan. And I’m not even vegan."


26. The Root Cellar in London, Ontario

Instagram: @rootcellarldn

"The menu DOES feature some non-vegan or vegetarian items, but 90% of it is vegan — and it tastes better than the stuff with meat. So, so amazing!"

—Lydia Balogh, Facebook

27. Grasshopper in Toronto

"Amazing atmosphere and a veganized version of pulled pork."

—Ariel Levitsky, Facebook

28. Thrive Energy Lab in Waterloo, Ontario

Instagram: @thriveenergylab

"The almond butter cups are a masterpiece for your taste buds."

—RE LA, Facebook

29. Cafe Mosaics in Edmonton, Alberta

Instagram: @cafemosaics

"Awesome menu selection, tasty food, and cute decor."


30. Pure Kitchen in Ottawa

Instagram: @purekitchenottawa

"They have the best smoothies and serve really good comfort food, like poutine! Everything there is completely vegan. It's a really cool, hipster little place."

—Amy Bishop, Facebook

31. The Naam in Vancouver

Instagram: @naamrestaurant

"Not only do they offer vegan and vegetarian dishes, they are open 24/7. Perfect for after a night of hitting the clubs!"


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Note: Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.