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10 Sure Fire Ways To Spot A Tourist

There is just something about them...

KasAllan • 3 years ago
KasAllan • 3 years ago

Why Supergirl Is The Feminist Show Everyone Needs In Their Life

The first season has just ended, which means you have tons of time to catch up before the new hit show returns in the fall. Don't worry though, this post is spoiler-free.

KasAllan • 3 years ago

Tips For Traveling In A Group

There are always tons of tips for those traveling alone, but throughout my adventures I have picked up on some key habits that every group does and must never forget, even if it inconveniences others. The bigger the inconvenience the more accurate you are doing it.

KasAllan • 3 years ago

Thoughts A Student From A Small University Has When Attending A Big School

I am doing my degree at a school that has about 1000 students, but my semester abroad is at a university with 25 000. Let's just say there are some differences.

KasAllan • 3 years ago

10 Tips For Walking Home Alone At Night

Some very helpful (and not always serious) tips I have picked up while living in Glasgow.

KasAllan • 3 years ago

Why "The DUFF" Is The New Classic

Caution: SPOILERS AHEAD! "The DUFF" is a teen comedy film about Bianca, a senior who learns her place in the high school hierarchy as the Designated Ugly Fat Friend and how she fights back by enlisting the help of her neighbour/dickhead Wesley Rush. The movie script was adapted from the young adult novel of the same name, written by the then 17 year-old Kody Keplinger. This movie has recently been compared to the likes of "Mean Girls" and even "Sixteen Candles," but I believe it has earned its own place in movie history. It is unlike any other movie and it set the pace for what a teen comedy should entail. If you haven't seen it already and don't want spoilers, don't read this, but seriously, what are you waiting for? Go watch it!

KasAllan • 4 years ago