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13 Things All Girls With Acne Will Understand

"You know wearing make-up every day is really bad for your skin?" You know you're actually extremely annoying?

1. People are always giving you unwanted advice about your skin and it never works.

2. Make-up can really give you a new kind of confidence.

3. Which means it is REALLY annoying when people tell you not to wear it.

4. You can feel dirty, even though that you're probably the cleanest person you know.

5. People who tell you to eat less chocolate can go to hell.

6. The first time someone sees you without make-up it feels like a big deal.

7. When people say they never noticed you had acne it is really nice – but also difficult to believe.

8. Treatment for acne is harsh, and often has nasty side effects.

9. The fear of scarring is real.

10. It's not just on your face.

11. It's not all about how it looks.

12. Having acne often feels like a cruel joke.

13. It is hard not to punch girls in the face when they're moaning about their one spot.