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    12 Actors Marvel Should Have Cast Instead Of Tilda Swinton In "Doctor Strange"

    Kevin Feige admitted his mistake. Who should've been cast instead?

    Marvel was trying to shake things up when they decided to switch the gender and race of the Ancient One. The original version of the character was somewhat outdated, and the MCU wanted to change that.

    Tilda Swinton in a pale yellow jacket and white T-shirt
    Kurt Krieger — Corbis / Corbis via Getty Images

    Let's not forget, Marvel also tried to do the same with the Mandarin in Iron Man 3. It didn't really work well then, either (and they'll get a chance to redeem themselves in Shang-Chi). However, casting Tilda Swinton to make up for a lack of properly depicted Asian characters was definitely not the wave. 

    Kevin Feige recently admitted that the studio made a wrong choice in casting Swinton, although she is definitely a dope actress. If the fans had their choice, though, who would play the Ancient One?

    Before we talk about the casting choice, though, let's explore the Ancient One's roots.

    So, what does that mean for casting, though?

    Tilda Swinton as the Ancient One
    Disney+ / Marvel

    It means that the person who plays the Ancient One should exude wisdom and confidence without having to say a word. That the actor in this role must be regal and dangerous, yet kind and understanding. Swinton does embody these features, which is why her casting didn't suck — it just didn't make much sense. Who would be a better Ancient One? Well, I'm glad you asked.

    1. Jet Li

    Jet Li smiling
    Gregg Deguire / FilmMagic

    When I think of an ancient and wise master of both mind and body, Jet Li comes to mind. Li, who is now 58, is the perfect age to play the mentor of Doctor Strange, and he exudes all the right qualities to be the Supreme Sorcerer.

    2. Lucy Liu

    A smiling Lucy Liu wearing large earrings and a short-sleeved dress
    CBS Photo Archive / CBS via Getty Images

    If you've never seen the intensity that Lucy Liu brings to the screen, you're missing out. If Marvel was looking for a mix of serene and dangerous, Liu would have been the perfect fit. Plus, she can act her ass off!

    3. Ken Watanabe

    Ken Watanabe giving a salute on the red carpet
    Arnold Jerocki / Getty Images

    Ken Watanabe has this silent and powerful vibe about him. He captures the emotion of the moment with few words, and he is a low-key scene-stealer. Watanabe would have been immaculate next to Doctor Strange.

    4. Chow Yun-Fat

    Chow Yun-Fat smiles for the camera
    Ian West — PA Images / PA Images via Getty Images

    It may be hard to get Chow Yun-Fan into a Marvel film. He is blacklisted in China for voicing his support for pro-democratic forces in the country. I don't think Marvel would risk missing out on the biggest market in the world, but if they did, there are few men who can portray guile and cunning as well as this veteran actor.

    5. Rick Yune

    Close-up of Rick Yune smiling slightly
    Jeff Spicer / Getty Images

    Rick Yune would make a very stunning and regal Ancient One. He could pour a little more of himself into the facet of the storyline that highlights how the Ancient One used forbidden magic to accomplish their goal of longevity. There's just something about the way he can straddle the line of innocence and darkness that is alluring.

    6. Hiroyuki Sanada

    Hiroyuki Sanada smiles for the camera
    Albert L. Ortega / Getty Images

    Get over here...into the MCU! Hiroyuki Sanada is gangsta, and that's about the sum of my argument here. He's badass, he's wise, and he shines in every role I've ever seen him in.

    7. Joan Chen

    Joan Chen looking very regal in a lacy black outfit and bejeweled necklace
    VCG / VCG via Getty Images

    Joan Chen doesn't get the respect she deserves. She could capture both the pain and the pride of the Ancient One. This would have been the perfect film for her to shine.

    8. Donnie Yen

    Donnie Yen looking quite serious
    Albert L. Ortega / Getty Images

    Donnie Yen is another veteran actor who just gives off the energy of sagacity. He demands your respect in every scene with a serene toughness. Technically, Yen was already in a Marvel film (Blade II), but that doesn't count to me.

    9. Tony Jaa

    Tony Jaa smiles and holds up his fists
    VCG / Visual China Group via Getty Images

    Tony Jaa's baby face makes it hard to take him seriously as an ancient anything, but makeup works miracles. This martial arts master would have brought some really insane action to the role, making those battle scenes more than just CGI. Plus, his intense stare gives me shivers.

    10. BD Wong

    BD Wong, in a turtleneck, smiles for the camera
    Gary Gershoff / Getty Images

    BD Wong's face just makes you trust him. I don't know why. But you just want to trust this guy. He would play a great mentor and teacher, and his likability would make the death scene hurt so much more.

    11. Ming-Na Wen

    Ming-Na Wen smiles in front of a plant
    Ingledodd Media / Getty Images

    I guess it may be too late for Ming-Na Wen to switch MCU characters (she stars in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.), but let's pretend that series didn't happen. We already know she is comfortable in the comic book world, and I just love the energy she brings to the screen. It would be a different take on the Ancient One, but she would kill it!

    12. Morgan Freeman

    Morgan Freeman smiles for the camera
    Getty Images / Getty Images for the Critics Choice Association

    Okay, hear me out. If Marvel were really trying to shake things up, there would have been no better casting choice than Morgan Freeman. It's rumored that he was up for the role before Swinton got it, and there any human being on Earth better suited to play an infinitely intelligent elder who is the most accomplished sorcerer of all time? I think not.

    Who do you think should've played the Ancient One?

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