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    Here's Where You've Seen The Cast Of Hulu's "The Princess"

    This kind of movie was new territory for some, but familiar for others.

    Hulu's action-drama film The Princess premiered on July 1, and if you were wondering where you've seen this cast before, you're not alone. I'm here to help!

    THE PRINCESS, from left: Veronica Ngo, Joey King, 2022

    1. Joey King as The Princess

    THE PRINCESS, from left: Joey King, Veronica Ngo, 2022

    Elle Evans in The Kissing Booth 1, 2, and 3

    THE KISSING BOOTH 2, Joey King, 2020

    Kayla in The Lie

    THE LIE, (aka WELCOME TO THE BLUMHOUSE: THE LIE), from top: Peter Sarsgaard, Joey King, 2020

    Gypsy Rose Blanchard in The Act

    THE ACT, Joey King (as Gypsy Rose Blanchard), 'Bonnie & Clyde', (Season 1, ep. 107, aired April 24, 2019)

    Tessa in The In Between

    THE IN BETWEEN, Joey King, 2022

    Clare Shannon in Wish Upon

    WISH UPON, Joey King, 2017

    Ramona Quimby in Ramona and Beezus

    RAMONA AND BEEZUS, Joey King, 2010

    Other past roles for Joey King include:

    Molly in Crazy, Stupid, Love

    Christine in The Conjuring

    Grace Bloom in Wish I Was Here

    Aurora in Borealis

    Phoebe in Stonewall

    Jamie Winkle in Summer '03

    Bessie in Radium Girls

    Wren in Slender Man

    Zazi in Zeroville

    Sarah in Camp 

    2. Alex Reid as The Queen

    THE PRINCESS, Alex Reid, 2022

    Joanne Steiger in The Bellwether

    THE BELLWETHER, Alex Reid, 2019

    Beth in The Descent and The Descent: Part 2

    THE DESCENT, Nora-Jane Noone, Alex Reid, Shauna Macdonald, 2005

    Other roles for Alex Reid include:

    Hannah in One Hundred Mornings

    Sally in Misfits

    Joni in The Facility

    Dawn in I Am Soldier

    Inga Meyer in Silent Witness

    Leah Mandelbaum Schwartz in Unorthodox

    3. Ed Stoppard as The King

    THE PRINCESS, Ed Stoppard, 2022.

    King Philip in Knightfall

    KNIGHTFALL, from left: Genevieve Gaunt, Julian Ovenden, Ed Stoppard, 'God's Executioners' (Season 2, ep. 201, aired March 25, 2019)

    Dr. Joseph Barton in Angelica

    ANGELICA, l-r: Ed Stoppard, Jena Malone, 2015

    Misha in Branded

    BRANDED, Ed Stoppard, 2012

    Ben in Fugitive Pieces

    FUGITIVE PIECES, Ed Stoppard, 2007

    Bridey Flyte in Brideshead Revisited


    Other past roles for Ed Stoppard include:

    Henryk in The Pianist

    Lieutenant Addis in Nanny McPhee Returns

    Sir Hallam Holland in Upstairs Downstairs

    Ben Marshall in Blackwood

    Steve Stevens in Cryptic

    Lemay in The Musketeers

    Will Campbell in Home Fires

    Lord Daniel Hervey in The Frankenstein Chronicles

    Tony Longdon in The Crown

    Lucas Becker in Trackers

    The Director in Brave New World

    4. Olga Kurylenko as Moira

    THE PRINCESS, from left: Olga Kurylenko, Dominic Cooper, Ed Stoppard (back to camera), 2022

    Anna in A Breath Away

    JUST A BREATH AWAY, (aka A BREATH AWAY, aka DANS LA BRUME), Olga Kurylenko, 2018

    Alexis Faraday in Momentum

    MOMENTUM, Olga Kurylenko, 2015

    Julia in Oblivion

    OBLIVION, Olga Kurylenko, 2013

    Kate in The Room

    THE ROOM, Olga Kurylenko, 2019

    Vanessa in White Elephant

    WHITE ELEPHANT, Olga Kurylenko, 2022

    Klara in Sentinelle

    SENTINELLE, Olga Kurylenko, 2021

    Vera Evans in Magic City

    MAGIC CITY, Olga Kurylenko, 'Sitting On Top of The World', (Season 2, ep. 206, aired July 26, 2013)

    Rosalind in The Bay of Silence

    THE BAY OF SILENCE, Olga Kurylenko, 2020

    Jane Andersen in 15 Minutes of War

    15 MINUTES OF WAR, (aka FIFTEEN MINUTES OF WAR, aka LINTERVENTION), from left: Olga Kurylenko, Andre Pierre, 2019

    Other past roles for Olga Kurylenko include:

    Nika Boronina in Hitman

    Natasha in Max Payne

    Camille in Quantum of Solace

    Gaila in The Assassin Next Door

    Mina Harud in Tyranny

    Ildiko in There Be Dragons

    Anna Brandt in Erased

    Katya in A Perfect Day

    Alice in Romance

    Antonia in Black Widow

    5. Dominic Cooper as Julius

    THE PRINCESS, Dominic Cooper, 2022.

    McCoy in That Dirty Black Bag

    THAT DIRTY BLACK BAG, Dominic Cooper, Chapter Two: Prisoner', (Season 1, ep. 102, aired March 17, 2022)

    Fielding Scott in Spy City

    SPY CITY, Dominic Cooper, (Season 1, ep. 105, aired May 13, 2021)

    Jesse Custer in Preacher

    PREACHER, l-r: Dominic Cooper, Ruth Negga in 'The Coffin' (Season 3, Episode 5, aired July 22, 2018)

    Howard Stark in Agent Carter

    AGENT CARTER, (aka MARVEL'S AGENT CARTER), Dominic Cooper in 'The Blitzkrieg Button' (Season 1, Episode 4, aired January 27, 2015)

    Ian Fleming in Fleming

    FLEMING, Dominic Cooper, (airs Jan. 29, 2014), 2014

    Other roles for Dominic Cooper include:

    Sky in Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again

    Mark in The Escape

    John Stratton in Stratton

    Llane Wrynn in Warcraft

    Howard Stark in Captain America: The First Avenger

    Kit in Miss You Already

    Milton Greene in My Week With Marilyn

    Charles Grey in The Duchess

    6. Veronica Ngo as Linh

    THE PRINCESS, from left: Joey King, Veronica Ngo, 2022

    Hai Phuong in Furie

    FURIE, (aka HAI PHUONG), Veronica Ngo, 2019

    The Stepmother in Tam Cam: The Untold Story

    TAM CAM: THE UNTOLD STORY, (aka TAM CAM: CHUYEN CHUA KE), Veronica Ngo, 2017

    Tien in Bright

    BRIGHT, Veronica Ngo, 2017

    Other roles for Veronica Ngo include:

    Quynh in The Old Guard

    Hanoi Hannah in Da 5 Bloods

    Dâu Xanh in Going Home For Tet

    Paige Tico in Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi

    Thanh Mai in The Tailor

    Mantis in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny

    Ky in Bitcoin Heist

    Which cast member were you most excited to see on screen in The Princess? Let us know in the comments!