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This Rat Gives Zero F*cks About Your Commute

What happens when a rat doesn't give a rat's ass?

JustinAyer 4 years ago

8 Things Everyone Who Sleep Walks Will Understand

Sleep walking. Not weird at all. Right?

JustinAyer 4 years ago

7 Signs You're Not Really Dating Someone

Dating someone is great, unless you're not.

JustinAyer 4 years ago

Girl Takes Instagram Selfies With Un-Suspecting Hot Dads Of Disneyland

When You Wish Upon A Star, Makes No Difference Who You Are. Unless You're A Hot Dad. Then It Makes A Whole New World Of Difference.

JustinAyer 5 years ago

10 Things We've All Seen On The A Train

When You Ride The A Train You Are Bound To See Some Interesting Things.

JustinAyer 5 years ago

Girl Takes 13 Instagram Selfies With Un-Suspecting Hot Men As She Ran The NYC Half Marathon

A runner tooks 13 Instagram-selfies with the unsuspecting hottest men of the 2014 NYC Half Marathon, and posted them live during the race. Who says finding attractive men in NYC was hard?

JustinAyer 5 years ago