Girl Takes 13 Instagram Selfies With Un-Suspecting Hot Men As She Ran The NYC Half Marathon

A runner tooks 13 Instagram-selfies with the unsuspecting hottest men of the 2014 NYC Half Marathon, and posted them live during the race. Who says finding attractive men in NYC was hard?

1. Pre-Race Hottie

Nice tracksuit.

2. Hoodie Hottie

Eyes on the prize.

3. Out of Breath Hottie

Want to hold hands?

4. Headband Hottie

I can make you sweat too.

5. Bearded Hottie

See hipster run.

6. Times Square Hottie

Watch that ball drop.

7. Neon Beanie Hottie

Vibrant attraction.

8. Short Shorts Hottie

Who wears short shorts?

9. Nike Hottie

Just do it.

10. Hot Dad Hottie

Age looks good on you.

11. Up Close and Personal Hottie

Don’t fight it, just let it happen.

12. Tunnel Hottie

Hold me, i’m Scared.

13. Finish Line Hotties

Guide you straight to my heart.

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