Girl Takes Instagram Selfies With Un-Suspecting Hot Dads Of Disneyland

When You Wish Upon A Star, Makes No Difference Who You Are. Unless You’re A Hot Dad. Then It Makes A Whole New World Of Difference.

1. To Cool For School Dad

It All Started with a Hot Dad.

2. The Flannel Tied Around the Waist Dad

Hammer Time Is An Understatement.

3. Workin’ The Lanyard Dad

Those Shades are 50 Shades of Cool.

4. Leash Dad

This Aint His First Rodeo.

5. Real Men Wear Crowns Dad

No Crown, No Murse, No Service.

6. All Smiles Dad

2 Cell Phones. Just in Case One Dies.

7. Bring Your Own Chair Dad

Practicality is an Attractive Quality in a Man.

8. Captain Jack Dad


9. Portable Phone Charger Dad

Is that a phone charger in your pocket, or are you happy to see me?

10. Hands In The Air Daredevil Dad

He’s All About That On Ride Photo.

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