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10 Things We've All Seen On The A Train

When You Ride The A Train You Are Bound To See Some Interesting Things.

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Someone Failing At A "Special" Talent / Via Giphy

...but really.

The Fearless Rat / Via

Nope. Nope. Nope.

The Guy Who Just Won't Scoot Over / Via


The Person With Something On Their Face / Via

Should I tell I would want someone to tell me...maybe they know though...

People Who've Had A Really Bad Day / Via

So maybe they didn't take their medicine this morning or they were late for work but do they really have to be so rude?!

The Person Who Invades Your Hand Space / Via

Seriously there is so much pole you can be grabbing. Do you have to slide your hand into mine?!

The Creepy Guy Trying To Get Your Attention / Via

Don't make eye contact! Don't make eye contact!

That Girl / Via

Yes, please tell the WHOLE subway your problems. We SO care.

That Person Laughing To Themselves Uncontrollably / Via

It's creepy when someone else does it but when I do it I totally look sane.

Someone Eating A Meal / Via

What's that smell? Oh your three course meal. What is this a dining room?! / Via

But no matter the crazies, or the weirdos, or the rude people, we still live in the best city on earth and we secretly love the stories we get from the subway.

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