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33 Of The Biggest Photoshop Disasters Of 2014

Put down the clone stamp and step away from the airbrush tool. H/T: PSDisasters for many of these.

1. The time that Chrissy Teigen's nipples disappeared — on the cover of GQ Mexico.

Teigen joked on Twitter that she'd forgotten to draw her nipples on that day.

2. The time Beyoncé was maybe caught photoshopping her thighs.

3. She also maybe 'shopped this image of herself wearing this 99 problems swimsuit.

Check out the wavy curtain lines for evidence.

4. When Target did THIS to a model.


What even is happening here?

5. When this eBay model's fingers — and chin — got a little out of control.

This wig is called "Fashion Sexy MS Black Short Hair Personality High Temperature Wire Wig," btw.

6. The time John Mayer and his buddy airbrushed themselves into oblivion.

7. When the top half of this Ann Taylor model didn't match the bottom half.

They've since removed the photo from their site.

8. This Forever 21 model who suffered a similar top-bottom problem.

Hips don't lie — except when they do. Incidentally, Forevs has replaced the photo with a somewhat less 'shopped one.

9. Whatever unmitigated disaster happened to Kate Walsh's legs in this promo photo for Bad Judge.


More like BAD 'SHOPPING, amIrite?

10. The time this poor Hakken tights model tragically lost her vagina.

11. While her fellow Hakken model was all but erased.

Hakken / Via

12. That time Kimye and baby North accidentally revealed themselves to be vampires without reflections in the pages of Vogue.

13. The time Pampers used this terrifying demon baby to sell its diapers.

Pampers / Via

14. When Kate Upton lost her armpit in a poolside struggle.

Harper’s Bazaar
Harper’s Bazaar

15. When Chanel turned its jewelry model into a giraffe.

Chanel / Via

16. When unretouched photos of Mariah Carey — shot by Terry Richardson for Wonderland mag — became public.

17. When this Target swimsuit model suddenly had the longest arms in the world (and a missing vagina).

18. The time Victoria's Secret went a little cleavage crazy.

19. When this Otto model gave good claw. / Via

Never let a claw hand keep you from fulfilling your dreams.

20. And this McDonald's coffee drinker wrapped her ghostly appendage around a fresh iced coffee.

McDonald's / Via

21. This lucky gal, who got not one but TWO belly buttons.

22. When this Dress Lily model was clearly made of rubber.

23. And this Old Navy model managed to be quadruple-jointed.

Old Navy

24. The time this Revolve shorts model's feet were melted into plastic flippers.

25. When Lorde awesomely called out photoshoppers for editing out her blemishes.

i find this curious - two photos from today, one edited so my skin is perfect and one real. remember flaws are ok :-)


i find this curious - two photos from today, one edited so my skin is perfect and one real. remember flaws are ok :-)

10:31 PM - 30 Mar 14ReplyRetweetFavorite

26. While Kim Kardashian was caught, um, ~altering~ her post-workout photos.


27. Kim also Instagrammed this slimmed-down version of herself.


Compare to the paparazzi photo of her on the right.

28. When this Free People model lost a few ~precious~ inches of her thigh.

Free People / Via

29. And this Urban Outfitters model lost an entire leg.

Urban Outfitters / Via

30. When this Fashion American Style model lost an entire arm but ~found~ an adorable ghost dog companion.

31. When Kris Jenner attempted to smooth out her fine lines — and the rugged handsomeness of Gordon Ramsey.

Too bad Gordon posted the unretouched photo on his Instagram. WHOOPS!

32. When this Victoria's Secret model lost her arm in a mysterious accident.

33. And finally, this chef's bizarre claw arm and pale pizza. / Via


Kris Jenner was erroneously identified as Kris Kardashian in an earlier version of this post.