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Best Style 2014

Best Style 2014

33 Of The Biggest Photoshop Disasters Of 2014

Put down the clone stamp and step away from the airbrush tool. H/T: PSDisasters for many of these.

14 Maternity Wear Tips Kourtney Kardashian Taught Us In 2014

A baby coming does not mean your style is going anywhere.

25 Photos That Prove Harry Styles' Chest Had The Best Year Ever

The only thing to have a bigger 2014 than One Direction was Harry's breastplate.

35 Photos that Prove Midriffs Totally Killed It In 2014

Welcome to the sexy body part club.

22 Times Selena Gomez Totally Killed It In 2014

The heart wants what the heart wants.

The 21 Most Important Kendall Jenner Outfits Of 2014

The reality TV star turned model was unstoppable this year.

Proof That Lauren Conrad Had The Best 2014 Ever

The rest is still unwritten, blah blah blah.

The 19 Most Important Jawlines Of 2014

Warning: Watch your fingers — dangerously sharp.

23 Extremely Important Baby Fashion Lessons From 2014

These little goobers are wise beyond their years.

The Definitive Ranking Of Taylor Swift's Short Shorts

And what your Mom would probably think of them.

28 Celebrities Who Made 2014 The Year Of The Bob

Just try to make it through this without wanting to cut your hair.

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