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23 Times Solange Was More Stylish Than Her Big Sister

Controversial opinion, Bey-Beys.

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1. First of all, Solange started off the year on basically ANOTHER PLANET. Take a look at this pic of her and her son Julez just chilling in this underwater seascape/Dr. Seussical landscape.


~so ethereal.~

3. Chilling at fashion week? Yup, she does that, too. How about the time she managed to make three of the boldest colors ever look incredible together.

Getty Images Entertainment

At the Milly By Michelle Smith fashion show this past February.

5. The time she effortlessly reinvented the pastel slip dress.


8. The time she and her boo Alan Ferguson hung out in these ridiculously cool Mardi Gras masks.


As if you wouldn't be like "Yes that IS Solange just being the best."

9. All those times she managed to somehow perfectly match her outfit to her accent wall.


Alphet dreams.

10. And found the dreamiest vintage sunglasses.


Made for lazing by the pool.

12. The time she wore this peachy 3.1 Philip Lim number to the Met Costume Institute Ball.

Dimitrios Kambouris Getty Images Entertainment

It was the perf outfit for *cough cough* getting into an elevator battle royale.

14. Oh hi, I just made your eyes bleed out of your face with extreme jealousy.


15. The time she wore this super bold red eye and somehow made it look great.

We try and and we look like we have pink eye. MEH.

16. When she was basically the perfect '70s R&B album cover.


17. But then kept it super casual, too.


18. And also managed to look good just frolicking in the grass.


21. And then there was the honeymoon.


23. The world does not even deserve so much perfection. And yet she gives it to us, AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN.


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